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Welcome to Stockholm

Preamble :An open city for different perspectives and new ideas. A vibrant destination where innovations in music, design, fashion and technology are born. A place for you.

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Coronavirus: Information for visitors

We are always looking for talent like you

With companies in Stockholm crying out for global talent, there’s ample opportunity for the world’s brightest minds to relocate to the city. And the good news is, the many perks of living in Sweden’s capital don’t just apply to the Swedes. International workers can also enjoy the benefits of life in Stockholm, from generous parental leave and a world-class healthcare system to a famously healthy attitude to work/life balance.

A diversity in great cuisine

Swedish cuisine might be best known for its meatballs and pickled herring, but in recent years Stockholm has made huge gastronomic leaps. Here you'll find award-winning chefs and restaurants serving fresh local ingredients and leading the way in food sustainability.