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People of Stockholm. Two young men stand in the sunlight in Stockholm.
Photo: Anna Hugosson

Explore together

Stockholm is a characterful city full of scenic hikes, breath-taking views, world heritage sites, over 100 museums, and plenty more. It's easily walkable with a welcoming atmosphere and new things to see and do are popping up all the time. Make sure to travel to activities in a safe way for you and the people around you.

Cutting edge and timless classics

Scandinavian design marries style and function, bridging the gap between elegance and everyday usability. Get to know the big names on the Swedish design scene and where to seek out covetable design finds in the city.

Discover the districts

Built on 14 islands, Stockholm is widely considered to be one of the world's most beautiful capitals. From medieval buildings and lush green parks to modern skyscrapers and colorful 'funkis' buildings, learn more about the unique character of each district.

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