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Exhibitions in Stockholm right now

Publish date: 13 May 2024

Space exploration, viking lore, or classic Swedish art. The exhibitions this season treat you to first-class experiences on many different and interesting subjects. Here are some suggestions!

There are over 100 museums and attractions in Stockholm. Interested in the natural sciences? Then our guide about Museums of science might be for you. Want to spend the day admiring beautiful art? Get inspired by this list of Stockholm's art museums.

The majority of the city's museums and popular tourist attractions a concentrated in the downtown area. Some though, like Stockholm's three UNESCO World Heritage sites, and several beautiful palaces, are located in Stockholm's surrounding areas. Most are readliy accessible with public transportation such as bus, subway, or a combination thereof. We also made a separate guide about the museums and attractions in the Stockholm archipelago .

Either way, whether you're a history buff, art connoisseur, or pop culture aficionado, you're bound to find an exciting exhibition to visit. Here are some of the most talked-about exhibitions right now!

General info about Stockholm's Museums

  • As is the case in most countries, museums in Sweden are generally closed on Mondays to account for them being open on Sundays. There are some notable exceptions, like Fotografiska, ABBA The Museum, and The Vasa Museum. Find out more about which museums are open on Mondays here.
  • Most museums in Stockholm are open during regular office hours, which means that weekdays are a great time for a visit if you'd like to avoid crowds. If you'd prefer an evening visit, maybe combined with dinner and drinks, there are quite a few that are open during one or two evenings every week. Spritmuseum & The Absolut Art Collection, ArkDes, and The Nobel Prize Museum to name a few. Read more in our guide here.