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Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Enjoy Sweden's right to roam

Publish date: 7 August 2021

It is easy to go camping, hiking, swimming, biking, or paddling in Stockholm's many green areas and the archipelago. "Allemansrätten", the Right of Public Access, is granted by the Swedish constitution and gives you free access to the outdoors. Just keep this maxim in mind: "Do not disturb, do not destroy". Here are our best tips!

Allemansrätten explained

  • The Right of Public Access gives you the right to roam freely in the countryside – in a responsible way. Always have the phrase "don't disturb, don't destroy" in mind.
  • You are allowed to access any land, except private residences, the immediate vicinity (70 meters) of a dwelling house, and cultivated land.
  • You can put up a tent.
  • You are allowed to collect flowers, mushrooms, and berries.
  • Driving on private roads is allowed unless there's a sign saying otherwise.
  • Swimming in lakes is allowed.
  • You can access any beach as long as you stay away from private residences.
  • You are allowed to catch fish in the five big lakes and along the entire coastline.

Source: Visit Sweden and The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).