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Outside view of Gripsholm Castle, in Mariedfred a picturesque town on Lake Mälaren just north of Stockholm. This renaissance castle is a popular tourist attraction and offers romantic grounds, a fallow deer nature reserve and collections of furniture, handicrafts, and interiors from four centuries.

Photo: Kungl. Hovstaterna/The Royal Court

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Day-trips for history buffs: The historic castles of Stockholm

Publish date: 24 February 2022

Sweden, and Stockholm, is steeped in history. As is evident in the castles and palaces in the greater Stockholm area.

Dazzling gardens, the Baroque, the Renaissance, and a history that's something like out of a fairy tale - make the trip to one of the numerous historic palaces in the Stockholm area! We’ve listed ten suggested destinations at various distances from Stockholm below.

Most can be reached with the help of public transportation; bus, tram, the subway, or a commuter ferry. In fact, The Royal Palace is located in Old Town, in the middle of Stockholm. Others, like the castles of Gripsholm and Skokloster, are further away from Stockholm and might require some more planning. All are well-worth a visit though, for anyone interested in the history of Stockholm!