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Södra Bar

Photo: Ossian Langenborg

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Fantastic rooftop bars in Stockholm

Publish date: 22 April 2024

Endless summer nights are best spent at bars where with nothing but skies above. Watch Stockholm light up underneath the stars at one of these rooftop bars, or enjoy the sunset at a penthouse restaurant!

Most would probably agree that a summer night in Stockholm is best spent in an open-air bar with balmy weather, beautiful sunset, and great company to keep you warm.

Between April and September, there are quite a few open-air bars in town. And for those who don't mind a lovely view to boot, perhaps over the rooftops of Stockholm, we have put together an ample assortment below.

This doesn't mean that you have to wait for the summer season to enjoy a dinner with a side of breathtaking vistas in Stockholm; a wide selection of penthouse restaurants and bars remain open all year round.

Summer evening in Stockholm. Champangebaren at Södra Teatern is full of people having drinks in the warm summer weather, with a view of Slussen and Old Town. The venerable Mossebacke Etablissement (which Södra Teatern) is one of Södermalm’s most popular
Södra Teatern/Claes Helander

Five penthouse bars (indoor)

  • Freyja – Freyja opened in 2022 as Stureplangruppen's first location on Södermalm. The New Nordic restaurant is just a short walk from Slussen and offers a great view of central Stockholm.
  • Gondolen – Classic Stockholm restaurant overlooking Slussen. Gondolen reopened under new management in 2023, having been closed due to renovations for several years. New menu, a different ambiance, and the same stunning vista.
  • Himlen – Located on Götgatan, on the top floor of what once upon a time was Skatteverket's (the Swedish Tax Agency) fortress. The imposing skyscraper was turned into a residential building in the mid-aughts and Himlen is its penthouse bar.
  • Spesso – Laid-back Italian restaurant in central Stockholm, overlooking the busy streets. Tasty food, good wine, and a great view.
  • Tak – Japanese fusion restaurant at Brunkebergs Square, in the center of downtown Stockholm. The summer open club Stockholm Under Stjärnorna is located on the floor above, on the rooftop.
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Five rooftop bars (open-air)

  • Guldterrassen (at the Royal Dramatic Theatre) – The Royal Dramatic Theatre (or just "Dramaten") is one of Sweden's most prominent cultural institutions. During spring and summer, its second-floor terrace turns into a lively bar overlooking Nybrokajens jetty and Berzeli Park.
  • Mosebacketerrassen – Södra Teatern has entertained stockholders since 1859 with music, dance, and theatre. Its outdoor terrace, with a marvelous view over central Stockholm, has become a beloved summer hang-out spot.
  • Italienskan – Centrally located Italian bistro. The summer open terrace bar (aptly named La Terrazza) has become a cozy oasis, overlooking Hötorget square.
  • Stadsgårdsterminalen – Stadsgårdsterminalen opened up in Birka Line's former ferry terminal in 2023, a repurposed building as a cultural hub. Concert venue, bar, exhibition halls, and much more. The terrace, overlooking the waters of Slussen, is open during spring and summer.
  • Stockholm Under Stjärnorna – nightclub and bar at Brunkebergs Square, with a panoramic vista over central Stockholm. While closed during the colder months, its sister-restaurant Tak remains open all year round.

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