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A cozy red cabin with lit windows sits on a rocky shoreline at twilight, a serene sea in the background.

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Getting to the Stockholm Archipelago

Publish date: 11 April 2024

Getting to the Stockholm archipelago is part of the adventure. Whether you go on a short tour or stay for several days, there is a lot to see and experience in the archipelago. Here are some of the best ways to get to the beautiful archipelago from Stockholm.

Traveling on Stockholm's shuttle boats is a great way to experience a city built on islands. From Nybroviken and Slussen, there are frequent ferry services to the green islands of Djurgården and Hammarby Sjöstad. The SL card includes travel from Slussen, and you can also buy single tickets on-site.

Quick guide: How to explore the archipelago

  • Stockholm shuttle boats: Experience the archipelago and its islands directly from Nybroviken or Slussen. Use your SL card or buy a single ticket for a smooth journey.
  • Waxholmsbolaget: Travel with Waxholmsbolaget's archipelago boats to reach archipelago gems such as Sandhamn and Grinda. Use your SL period ticket during the low season for easy access.
  • Strömma: Strömma Sightseeing offers guided boat tours to various destinations in the archipelago. Whether you're a tourist in your city or on a temporary visit, it's a perfect choice.
  • Fjäderholmslinjen: For a cozy day trip, you can take Fjäderholmslinjen from Strömkajen to Fjäderholmarna to explore the island's restaurants and art.
  • Öppet Hav: Öppet Hav offers unique archipelago experiences such as fast RIB boat tours and helicopter tours for spectacular archipelago views.

Henrik Trygg

Waxholmsbolaget offers yearly trips to many of the archipelago's gems. If you have a season ticket from SL, you can use the same ticket on Waxholmsbolaget's archipelago boats during the low season. This makes it easy and convenient to explore the archipelago. From Waxholmsbolaget's piers, you can get to Sandhamn, Vaxholm, Grinda, Möja, Nämdö, Utö and many other islands. A day trip to any of these islands is always a good idea, regardless of the season. Remember that sometimes you need to change from public transport on land to boats to reach your island, so plan your trip.

Cykling på Utö
Henrik Trygg

Strömma offers guided boat tours to various destinations in the archipelago. You can choose to visit Sigtuna, Sweden's oldest city, take a trip to Skokloster Castle, or why not enjoy a whole day trip in the archipelago

Fjäderholmarna is one of the closest archipelago islands to Stockholm and a perfect place for a short day trip. You can take the Fjäderholmslinjen from Strömkajen and enjoy the island's picturesque environment, restaurants, and artwork.

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For those who want an extraordinary experience, Öppet Hav offers RIB boat and helicopter tours with fantastic archipelago views.

Whichever way you choose to get to the Stockholm archipelago, it is the first step towards an unforgettable adventure. Pack your bag, feel the sea breeze in your hair, and let the archipelago welcome you to a world of natural beauty and exciting experiences. Your journey in the archipelago is just a boat ride away.