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Two kayakers glide through calm waters between rugged, tree-topped islands under a soft evening sky.

Photo: Henrik Trygg

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Explore Stockholm's outer archipelago

Publish date: 11 April 2024

Stockholm's outer archipelago offers a unique waterscape with 30,000 islands of varying character. Days here are filled with opportunities to explore, experience, and unwind, perfect for both those seeking adventure and those seeking tranquility.

Imagine gliding in a kayak over calm waters between lush islands and rugged cliffs. Paddling out here in the outer archipelago is more than an activity; it's a meditation in motion. With experienced guides like The Kayak Trail, Get Out Kayak, and The Green Trails, you can discover hidden coves and secret spots no one can find.

Henrik Trygg

An evening kayak tour followed by a dinner under starry skies will be a memorable experience you won't soon forget. Restaurants offering culinary travel adventures are scattered across the islands, each with a unique charm. Harö Natur offers extraordinary flavors in a stunning setting. Sandhamn has a wide range of good restaurants; enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Dykarbaren, the homely feel of the Strindbergsgården café, or the delicious seafood at Pentaboden. Sandhamns Värdhus, open all year round, serves a menu that tastefully combines the best of the archipelago with a modern touch.

Falling asleep and waking up in the archipelago can be very different experiences. If you want to wake up with soft down pillows in a preserved, historic archipelago hotel, you might choose Sandhamns Seglarhotell. If you want to fall asleep with the starry sky above and wake up with nature on your doorstep, you can stay in a simple but comfortable archipelago cabin on Harö.

Henrik Trygg

Adventurous visitors can explore the islands on foot or by bike. Sandhamn, with its beautiful beaches and hiking trails, is a perfect place to experience the scenic landscape of the archipelago. Here, you can hike through pine forests, over cliffs, and along sandy beaches, always with the sea as your constant companion.

The outer archipelago is not only a place for adventure but also for relaxation. Several spas offer saunas with a magnificent sea view and the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in clear water—the perfect combination to unwind after an eventful day. Harö, Sandhamn Seglarhotell, and Djurönäset offer experiences that balance adventure with peace.

Henrik Trygg

The trip to the archipelago is part of the adventure. Choose between fast RIB boats that will take you from Nybroviken to Stavsnäs in no time or a slower trip where you have time to enjoy all the beauty with Waxholmsbolaget, which runs to the archipelago all year round.