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Pippi Longstocking sitting outside her house Villa Villekulla at Junibacken. Stockholm for kids.
Photo: Ulf Huett
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Stockholm for kids

Publish date: 12 November 2020

Stockholm is a child-friendly city. There is an abundance of children's attractions and museums with activities and exhibits, especially for children. Distances are short and the public transportation system takes you everywhere you want to go. Buses are even free if you're bringing a stroller.

On the green island of Djurgården, many of the children's attractions are in close proximity to one another, making it the perfect starting place for a vacation with kids. Here you'll find the fairytale world of Junibacken, The Viking Museum, The Vasa Museum, and Skansen – a popular open-air museum, complete with historical buildings, Nordic animals, a children's zoo, and an aquarium. 

There is an abundance of restaurants in Stockholm that are suitable for visitors with strollers, and kids are welcome in all cafés and restaurants. If you visit Stockholm during the summer you can go swimming in several places in midtown. On the island of Långholmen, you'll find a small sandy beach perfect for kids.

If you're here when it's too cold for a swim, try the amphibious bus Ocean Bus for a unique sightseeing tour.

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Stockholm with kids.