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A hiker steps across smooth seaside rocks, backlit by the bright sun near the horizon.

Photo: Henrik Trygg

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Hiking in the Stockholm archipelago

Publish date: 11 April 2024

The nature of the Stockholm archipelago is amazing, and exploring it on foot is an incredible experience. However, choosing among the many islands and knowing the best way to get around can be challenging. Don't worry, here are some handy tips to get you off to a good start on your hiking adventure.

Waxholmsbolaget offers boat trips that take you from the city's heart to the green nature reserve of Bogesund. You can also embark on a lovely hike along the coast through magical forests and picturesque archipelago settlements. When you arrive in Vaxholm, you can stay at charming accommodations such as Vaxholm Bed & Breakfast and Waxholms Hotell, the perfect places to rest after a day of exploring.

Walk in the nature in Sandhamn
Henrik Trygg

Boat connections from Vaxholm take you to islands such as Ingmarsö and Finnhamn. Here, you can hike part of the famous Stockholm Archipelago Trail, also known as the Boat Trail. The trail stretches across several archipelago islands, and you travel by rowing boat between them. In other words, it is a unique and exciting hiking experience on both land and water.

5 beautiful nature experiences to enjoy in the archipelago

  • Björnö Nature Reserve – An archipelago gem with rich pine forests, beaches, and hiking trails. It's perfect for nature experiences and seaside adventures.
  • Gålö – This is a peninsula and nature reserve with five miles of shoreline. There are plenty of well-marked hiking trails here, and one of the finest between Morarna and Skälvik runs almost entirely along the water.
  • Bogesund – A historical walk through rune stones, Viking settlements, and Bogesund Castle. There is also rich animal and bird life to discover along the water.
  • Roslagsleden – An unbeatable hiking combo of untouched forest and rugged coastal landscape, with several cultural attractions sprinkled along the way. 19 miles long, it starts in Danderyd and ends in Grisslehamn.
  • Mälarölederna – A collection of hiking trails in Ekerö municipality. Lake Mälaren's nature is rich in wildlife and dramatic changes.

Boarding small boat
Lars Sjöqvist

After a stay at Finnhamn, you can continue by ferry to Värmdö's beautiful landscape, or if you choose to hike to Ingmarsö, the ferry to Svartsö is an option. Värmdö attracts with its shorter hiking trails that offer outstanding views. For an overnight stay, you can choose between Fredriksborgs Hotell or Djurönäset. On Svartsö you can stay comfortably at Svartsö Skärgårdshotell and swim in the island's peaceful lake.

Henrik Trygg

A short ferry ride from Värmdö takes you to Rindö. In addition to hiking, Rindö offers a world of taste experiences. Here, you can discover Arkipelag confectionery's seductive chocolate, sip luxurious coffee from Muttley & Jack's, and enjoy the homemade delights of Rindö Glass. Rindö is a place for scenic walks and a paradise for those who appreciate genuine and locally produced food and drink.

If you want a guided experience in the archipelago, experts such as 52adventures and Madplow will help you customize your hiking adventure.

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