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Museums in Stockholm. An old viking braclet on dispaly at the History museum in Stockholm.

Photo: Erik Lernestål

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Museums for history buffs

Publish date: 16 March 2022

Are you curious about what has been? About cultures and traditions from different parts of Sweden and the rest of the world? You'll find several museums in Stockholm that'll give you an insight into the life of past generations.

NOTE: Due to a planned relocation, The Medieval Museum of Stockholm is closed until further notice.

During its closure, the museum will offer guided tours of the city and historical spaces, lectures, and digital presentations. More information on the Medieval Museum website.

History buffs have much to look forward to at the museums of Stockholm. Reading about everyday life during medieval times or important battles is one thing. But getting up close to recovered Viking objects is another. Or a certain warship that was found at Lake Mälaren and is today on display at Djurgården...

You'll find museums that take a relatively local approach to history; Nordiska museet and The Swedish History Museum focus primarily on history and traditions in Sweden and Scandinavia. But there are also museums looking out into the world. Three of the National Museums of World Culture – The Museum of Ethnography, The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, and The Museum of Near-Eastern and Mediterranean Antiquities – are located in Stockholm.

And then there's a whole subset of museums telling the history of a specific location, institution, or profession. Postmuseum and The Police Museum are, respectively, deep dives into the history of communication and criminology, and The Museum of Maritime History is about our relationship with the sea and water. To name a few. And then we have several beautiful palaces and castles in and around Stockholm.