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Two swimmers in wetsuits are actively swimming in the open sea, with sun sparkles on the water.

Photo: Lars Sjöqvist

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Action-packed adventures in the archipelago

Publish date: 11 April 2024

Excitement awaits in the archipelago! Breathtaking RIB boat trips, scenic mountain bike rides or why not try swimrun - a sport born in the Stockholm archipelago? Here are adventures you won't soon forget.

The Stockholm archipelago offers many adventures for those seeking excitement and new experiences. Here, the beauty of the unspoiled landscape intertwines with the opportunity to try out adrenaline-pumping activities. Companies like Green Trails and Nordic Trails allow you to explore the archipelago through kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, and sailing.

Kayaks in the archipelago
Lars Sjöqvist

For those looking for an even more intense challenge, swimrun is a perfect choice. The sport, born out of a unique challenge between Sandhamn and Utö, has become an international movement. Utö, with its scenic trails and rocky coasts, hosts not only the prestigious ÖtillÖ race but also a place where you can experience hiking, paddling, swimming, and other active outdoor activities in a beautiful combination.

ÖTILLÖ – The world's first swimrun

Swimrun Ö till ö
Henrik Trygg
  • The ultra-endurance competition ÖTILLÖ ("Island To Island") was organized for the first time in 2006. Since then, the race has become a popular archipelago highlight, held on the first Monday in September.
  • The race is a team competition, with teams of two, which takes the contestant along a 70 km (roughly 43,5 miles) long track between Sandhamn och Sandö Island, and Utö Värdshus on Utö. The track consists of 60 km (almost 37,3 miles) of running and 10 km (about 6.2 miles) of swimming in open water.
  • ÖTILLÖ popularized the sport of swim-running, a duathlon that combines long-distance running with long-distance swimming intervals into one race. Today there are swim runs in for example Whistler (Canada), Engadin (Switzerland), Casco Bay (USA), and Gothenburg.

But the adventure begins on the way to the archipelago. Öppet Hav offers an extraordinary helicopter ride over the vast archipelago, where you can see the islands and water from a whole new perspective. Or why not take an exciting RIB boat ride that takes you quickly to the secret corners of the outer archipelago? Here, you can experience seals resting on the rocks and find beautiful places far away from the usual tourist routes.

Henrik Trygg

Prepare for a journey where every step is a discovery - the Stockholm archipelago is a world of adventure waiting to be explored.