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Autum in Stockholm, Djurgårdskanalen. A light mist over the water of Djurgrådskanalen. The sun is shining on a beautiful day.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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District guide: Djurgården

Publish date: 30 September 2021

No matter the season, a walk along Djurgården is beautiful. In some areas, you will have difficulty imagining you’re in the middle of a big city.

Many of the most popular museums and attractions in Stockholm can be found at Djurgården. But the island is also the greenest of them all, part of the National City Park, with vast areas of forest and open spaces.

There are some cafes and restaurants for pit stops along the way. A visitor’s center is located just past the bridge, providing tourist information and canoe and bike rental. You can also visit for more info on interesting things to do on the island.

Seeing as Djurgården is a hub of beloved attractions and museums, also makes it one of the most visited areas in Stockholm. Djurgården's attractions have for several years worked together to make sure that any development of the island is made with long-term sustainability in mind. You can read more about their work and goals here.