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A winter swim in Stockholm

Publish date: 20 November 2022

Think the beach season is over just because the temperature has dropped below zero? WRONG!

Summer might seem like the obvious season for a nice swim in Stockholm. That doesn't mean the lakes and beaches are completely deserted during the winter months. In fact, taking a quick dip into a hole in the ice of a frozen lake or the chilly waters of the Baltic Sea is a popular Swedish pastime. Especially if you have a way of warming yourself before and afterward; a steamy sauna or something hot to drink. Studies have even shown cold baths to be a good way of relieving tension, bolstering creativity, and lowering your blood pressure.

Stockholm has several spots good for a refreshing winter swim, equipped with changing rooms and a sauna. Protip if it's your first time dipping your toes in near-freezing waters; wear a wool cap, don't submerge your head, and don't swim alone!