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A sustainable vacation in Stockholm

Publish date: 17 June 2022

Stay at a hotel with minimal environmental impact, eat lunch without wasting food or visit a deep crevasse at Nordiska Museet to learn how people have been forced to adapt to climate changes. Here are tips on some of the best ways to enjoy a vacation in one of Europe’s top environmental cities!


Hobo is a creative boutique hotel situated at Brunkebergstorg, right in the heart of Stockholm. In the 1800s Brunkebergstorg was an exclusive marketplace with fashion shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Today, it's a place where modern design, urban greenery, and a neighborly local atmosphere meet. The hotel's playful interior was designed by Berlin-based Studio Aisslinger, in collaboration with leading local designers. For example design-duo Vår and tech company Teenage Engineering.

Nolla Cabin at Lidö Värdshus (page in Swedish)
Nolla Cabin on Lidö in the Stockholm archipelago is ideal for anyone wanting to be close to nature, and maybe even have a role in taking care of it. The cabins are equipped with solar panels and are part of Lidö's "Zero Island"-project, which strives to reduce the island's climate impact. As an added bonus, the entire island is a beautiful nature reserve, and the cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows offering a panoramic of the surrounding sea. Only open during the summer season.

Scandic Continental
By taking both small and big measures hotel chain Scandic aims to be a leader in the field of sustainable hospitality. For example by lowering water consumption and waste generated by their hotel. Scandic Continental has a fantastic location in downtown Stockholm, with shopping, culture, and entertainment just around the corner. The menu at the hotel's restaurant, Market, offers locally sourced and organic vegetables in dishes taking culinary cues from all corners of the world. The rooftop bar, Capital, also serves delicious food and drinks while offering spectacular views of Riddarfjärden (the easternmost bay of Lake Mälaren).


Sopköket (page in Swedish)
Sopköket profiles itself as a restaurant with minimal food waste and it prepares meals based on partly rescued and surplus ingredients from supermarkets and other partners. Leftover meals are redistributed to people in need. Its name, after all, translates quite literally to "The Garbage Kitchen". The restaurant can be found at the Söderhallarna market hall and offers both takeaway and drive-thru.

Växthuset (page in Swedish)
Located next to the beloved nightclub Trädgården, Växthuset offers vegan fine dining. A perfect place to start an evening of clubbing with a delicious, fresh meal prepared from seasonal ingredients. The restaurant’s aim is to be as eco-friendly as possible, without impeding on quality or taste. Växthuset also serves artisanal and craft beverages, with a focus on natural wine and non-alcoholic drink experiences.

Emmer (page in Swedish)
Emmer is located at Ulriksdals Värdshus in Solna, just a stone’s throw away from downtown Stockholm. It's surrounded by forest, farmland, and the sea, offering uncomplicated meals from locally grown ingredients for a dining experience in tune with a sustainable future. Open April through October.

Rosendals Trädgård (page in Swedish)
Enjoy fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, and baked goods in the lush, green environment of Djurgården. Both a market garden and café, Rosendals Trädgård serves food based on organic, biodynamic ingredients. During the growing season, they use herbs and vegetables from their own garden and the pastries are made in their own bakery. The garden café is open from early spring to autumn but the greenhouse is open all year round.


Nordiska museet
Nordiska museet in Stockholm tells the story of everyday life and culture in the Nordic region. It's the largest cultural history museum in Sweden. Its vast collection spans over the last 500 years and includes clothes and fashion, textiles, folk art, photographs, furniture, jewelry, glass, and porcelain. The building on Djurgården was designed in the Nordic Neo-Renaissance style by Isak Gustaf Clason and it was completed in 1907.

The exhibition, "In the Arctic – While the Ice is Melting" depicts life for humans in a dramatic and changing landscape: the Arctic region. Interpreted and portrayed by the artistic design duo MUSEEA, the exhibition tells the story of the people living in the Arctic and man's constant struggle to adapt to climate change.

Tekniska Museet
Sweden’s largest museum of technology and a favorite destination for young geniuses. Investigate and discover how everything works and is connected, and take an exciting journey that stretches from the early days of industrialism through grand visions of the future.

At the permanent MegaMind exhibition, young geniuses can experiment their way to smart, new ideas, test their agility and balance in the obstacle course, and discover around 100 innovations. Tekniska also has an interesting program of temporary exhibitions. Like Hyper Human, which combines a historical perspective of technological innovation with an analysis of the present and thoughts on the future.

Sustainability is a cornerstone not only at the museum but at its restaurant as well, Tekniska by Pontus. The dishes are chosen with care and are based on local produce, much of which comes from its own garden. The restaurant also visualizes how big of an impact on the environment every meal is by showing everything from electricity and water consumption to food waste.


Cycling in Stockholm
One of the most environmentally friendly ways to explore a city is by bike. Stockholm makes it easy too, with some 1,440 km (almost 900 miles) of bike trails crisscrossing the city and extending into the surrounding areas. You'll find dedicated bike trails, as well as combined cycling/walking paths. There are also plenty of bike rentals, in case you don’t have a ride of your own. Both for those who want to explore the city at their own leisure or as part of a guided cycling tour.


The Green Trails
The Green Trails is an adventure excursions operator for day trips, outdoor guided tours, and adventures around Stockholm. During winter, they offer Nordic skating, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing excursions. In summer, there are kayaking tours, sailing, and even moose safaris!


Old Touch (page in Swedish)
Old Touch has a large selection of vintage dresses, jewelry, hats, and accessories from the turn of the century right through to the 1960s. Any aficionado of 1920s-fashion and the flapper era will feel right at home! Not only will you find great dresses and accessories to purchase, but also outfits to rent for costume parties.

Transparency and sustainability are paramount to Asket's business philosophy. The brand offers classic designs in sustainable fabrics but also goes to great lengths to report its entire production chain; from the selection of factories and raw materials to shipping and labor costs, and customs duties. The point is to visualize the entire process, up to a jacket or shirt finding its way to your wardrobe. Asket's flagship store is located at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm.


Gålö peninsula is situated in southern Stockholm and the best way to get there is by car or one of several public transportation busses from Haninge Station. Nearly the entire area is a protected nature reserve, with beautiful forest trails and views to enjoy. You'll also find the longest sandy beaches in Stockholm County. Gålö is also home to Sälstationen, which is where the Navy secretly trained seals to track out foreign submarines and mines during WWII. Today, visitors can enjoy a visit to the sauna, an overnight stay, and guided tours during summer.