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Skating rink with visitors at night.

Photo: Kungsträdgården

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Winter activities in Stockholm

Publish date: 22 November 2022

Visiting Stockholm in winter? Here are some tips for an adventurous winter's day.

Swedes love the outdoors and don't mind a snowy winter's day. Waking up on Saturday and seeing ankle-deep snow on the ground outside your window equals a day of cool activities to look forward to.

The simplest of all is to just brew a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee and take your family sledding. With so much urban nature there are plenty of fun slopes to choose from, and a simple sled or toboggan can be bought at most toy or outdoor stores. See our guide on sled slopes in Stockholm for more info.

Skiing is another option. While the most famous ski resorts in Sweden are found further up north, Stockholm has a few to choose from. For example, the unique Hammarbybacken that offers downhill skiing in the middle of the city. There are also several ways to enjoy cross country skiing, both on natural snow and prepared tracks. For example in Lida Nature Reserve and Hellasgården. Read our guide on skiing in Stockholm for more tips.

Ice skating is another beloved winter pastime. You'll find several rinks around the city and in the surrounding area. For example in Vasaparken and Kungsträdgården. And if you prepare to spend time in nature there are several tour operators organizing guided ice skating tours, like True Nature Sweden, The Gren Trails, and Stockholm Adventure. Read our guide on ice skating in Stockholm for more info. They also offer other ways to tour winter-Stockholm. On snowshoes or in a kayak for example!

And if you think that the beach season is over just because the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees, think again. Taking a quick swim in icy waters, sometimes with a side order of sauna, is a long-standing tradition in Sweden. Read our guide for more info!