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Shopping in Stockholm. Asket's flagship store in Stockholm.

Photo: Asket

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Sustainable shopping

Publish date: 18 March 2024

Swedish fashion brands and shops push the boundaries of sustainability with reused materials and transparent production. Here are som suggestions for sustainable shopping in Stockholm.

Either by finding new wardrobes for thrown-out clothes, incorporating used garments in new designs, or maintaining fair and sustainable manufacturing chains, many Swedish fashion stores and brands try to find ways to reinvent themselves and contribute to a more planet-friendly lifestyle.

As it happens, several of these brands have physical locations in Stockholm.

Here are four examples; you'll find more in the list below the article.

  • Asket – Simple everyday clothes – like shirts, jackets, wool caps, and tank tops – made from carefully selected materials. Asket also practices total transparency, detailing the production chain and costs of its garments.
  • Deadwood – Deadwood was founded in 2012 as a brand focusing on leather jackets. The company has since branched out into other garments, but the fundamental philosophy is the same with waste material and discarded clothes as the main source of materials.
  • Houdini – Swedish sportswear brand with minimalist designs and a sustainable production philosophy using sustainable and/or reused materials. Houdini also offers rentals of their clothes, meaning you don't have to kit up with expensive outdoor gear that you'll maybe only use once.
  • Totême – Women's fashion brand started in 2014 that designs clothes, bags, jewelry and other accessories. Sustainability has been a tenet of Totême's principles since the start. The company's jewelry creations, for example, are made of reused gold.

Vintage and second-hand shopping in Stockholm

The vintage boutique Dusty Deco in Stockholm. Armatures in copper, leather furniture and a collection of large framed photographs can be seen on the picture. The Dusty Deco-gang has only one rule – the only objects for sale are the ones they’d like to ha
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Stockholm has quite a collection of vintage stores, with preloved clothes, books, records, and furniture.

You'll find both large thrift store chains run by charity organizations, like Myrorna and Stockholms Stadsmission, quirky and cozy secondhand stores like Brandstationen or Apans Andra Hand, or niche vintage stores with a specialized selection like retro-posters at Vintageaffischer and pre-loved-streetwear at Sneakershyllan.

Find more vintage shops with our secondhand guide.