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Stadshuset solnedgång

Photo: Oskar Scheller

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Guide to the best views

Publish date: 7 September 2023

Pick up your camera and get ready to snap some beautiful pictures!

Thanks to being built on 14 islands and with barely any high-rise buildings, Stockholm has a unique landscape. It’s mostly church spires that pierce through the otherwise almost unobstructed skyline. Grab your camera or phone and head to one of these outlooks for breathtaking city views.

  • Fjällgatan – Just a short walk from Slussen's metro station. The view here is of Saltsjön (ie. the waters east of Slussen), Gamla stan, Norrmalm, Skeppsholmen, and Djurgården.
  • Monteliusvägen (and Ivar Los park) – Both a popular place for Sunday walks, and a beautiful vantage point. Presents a great view over central Stockholm; Kungsholmen, Riddarholmen, Norrmalm, Gamla stan, and Långholmen.
  • Skansen – The view from Skansen is always lovely, but the vistas are different, depending on where you're looking from. If you're in the vicinity of Lill-Skansen or the seal enclosure you'll be able to see Östermalm and Gärdet. Standing next to the Solliden stag, on the other hand, lets you look out over the waters of Saltsjön and over to Södermalm on the other side.
  • Skinnarviksberget – Not only one of Stockholm's most popular vantage points but a beloved hang-out spot. There are almost always people enjoying the view here, whether to take a warm cup of coffee during a winter walk or wine and snacks under a summer sunset.
  • Skyview – Skyview is the elevator running the length of Avicci Arena. From the spherical buildings top, you'll see southern Stockholm. Tickets cost between 130-170 SEK, but children up to the age of 4 ride for free.
  • Vanadislunden – Vanadislunden is located just at the northern edge of inner-city Stockholm. The park, located up on a hill, gives you a great view over Östermalm, Vasastan, and Stockholm's neighboring municipalities to the north.