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Two young women in swimming suits, backs to the camera, sit on the wharf at Långholmen after a swim in Lake Mälaren. There are several great places for a swim in Stockholm; even in the heart of the city!

Photo: Tove Freij

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Beaches in Stockholm: Swimming in the city

Publish date: 19 January 2024

Enjoy a cool summer swim, either in the archipelago or in the middle of town. Here are some of the best beaches and public baths in Stockholm.

The waterways of Stockholm are not only beautiful to look at – they are so clean and clear you can take a dip right in the middle of town! There are several lovely beaches to bask on and cliffs to jump from, in and around the city. Here are a few examples:

Northern Stockholm

Holger Ellgaard / CC-BY-SA-3.0
  • Brunnsviksbadet – Located in Northern Stockholm, just a short walk from the subway station Universitetet.
  • Ekhagens strandbad – Also called "Lappisbadet". Located in the northern part of The Royal National City Park.
  • Hässelby strandbad – A small, cozy, beach with a jetty along the shore of Lake Mälaren. Situated in the suburb of Hässelby (along the metro's green line no. 19)
  • Kanaanbadet – A family-friendly beach with a diving tower and an summer open café. Located a short walk from Blackeberg metro station (green line).
  • Ängbybadet – A beloved beach, just a 10-minute walk from Ängbyplan metro station (green line). It has changing rooms, a café, and stairs/jetty for people with accessibility needs.

Water quality
The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management takes regular samples of the water at the EU bathing sites in the country. Their website features an up-to-date interactive map showing the quality of the water.

Stockholm City

Hornsbergs strand
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  • Fredhällsbadet – The cliffs in the Fredhäll area of Kungsholmen are a great place for a summer swim, or evening picnic while the sun sets over Lake Mälaren. Several inner-city buses stop nearby.
  • Hornsbergs strandpark – Relatively new park and promenade-area on Kungsholmen's northern shores. Has several good locations for a swim.
  • Långholmen – Small island nestled in between Kungsholmen and Södermalm. The closest metro station is Hornstull (red line no. 13–14). Has several beaches and small coves for a summer dip.
  • Oxhålsbadet – A cozy beach located in the residential area on Stora Essingen Island. Take inner-city bus no. 1 and hop on at the Flottbrovägen-stop.
  • Tantobadet – The beach in the beloved Tantolunden Park, in the Hornstull area of Södermalm. Family-friendly beach by day, summer hang-out spot by night.

Southern Stockholm

Stefan Bohlin
  • Farsta strandbadet – Situated a short walk from Farsta Shopping Mall (at the Farsta metro station, green line no. 18), at Lake Magelungen. Large beach, a summer café, and a boardwalk running along the Magelungen's shore – great for walk!
  • Flatenbadet – Classic summer destination for generations of Stockholmers. Has several beaches with jetties and diving towers, and a summer café. A 30-minute walk from Skarpnäck metro station (green line no. 17) or bus from Slussen.
  • Hellasgården – Located in the Nacka nature reserve. A popular beach both in the summer and in the winter due to its saunas. The nearby café/restaurant is open all year round. A 10-15 minute bus ride from Slussen.
  • Hökarängsbadet – One of the largest beaches along the shores of Lake Drevviken in southern Stockholm. Has restrooms, a jetty, and a summer café. Easiest to reach by taking a bus from the Farsta metro station (green line no. 18).
  • Mälarhöjdsbadet – A beach along Lake Mälaren. Located a 10-15 minute walk from Bredäng metro station (red line no. 13). Cozy, family-friendly beach with a playground and outdoor gym nearby.
  • Vinterviksbadet – Situated alongside the Vinterviken area, just southwest of central Stockholm. Small, cozy, and accessible by public transport. The Gröndal tram station is the closest public transport station, but the Aspudden metro (red line no. 13–14) is another alternative.

The Archipelago

  • Björnö nature reserve – Nature reserve with plenty of cozy spots for a swim. Located on Ingarö, 40–50 minutes by bus from Slussen.
  • Grisslinge havsbad – Some 30–40 minutes by bus from Slussen, situated by the Värmdö bus stop. Nice beach, with a café and a restaurant close by.
  • Saltsjöbadens friluftsbad – Well-preserved 19th-century open-air bathhouse with changing booths, diving tower, and restrooms. Located in Saltsjöbaden, the last stop on the Saltsjöbaden tram line.

Indoor pools and public baths

The aqua park with waterslides at Eriksdalsbadet in Stockholm.
Hans Ekestång

The city of Stockholm operates 14 public baths, and there are several more in the neighboring municipalities. Here's a handful!

  • Eriksdalsbadet – Sweden's national arena for swimming and diving. It has several pools, an aqua park, a gym, and a large summer-open outdoor area.
  • Husbybadet – Large indoor swimming pool with gym facilities. Lies in the northern suburb of Husby (along the metro's blue line no. 11).
  • Medley Tyresö Aquarena – An indoor bath in Tyresö, south of Stockholm. The arena hosts a small aquapark, pools, jacuzzi, and gym facilities, and is easily accessed by bus from Gullmarsplan or Handen.