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The vintage boutique Dusty Deco in Stockholm. Armatures in copper, leather furniture and a collection of large framed photographs can be seen on the picture. The Dusty Deco-gang has only one rule – the only objects for sale are the ones they’d like to have in their own home.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Lovely vintage

Publish date: 23 November 2023

Give pre-used clothes, records, books, and furniture a second chance! Here are some of Stockholm's best second hand-shops.

So the newest fashion trends and collections are not your cup of tea? Don’t worry! Stockholm has lots of cool vintage and second-hand shops for you to go treasure hunting in. Beyond Retro, Brandstationen and Judits Second Hand are great for finding rareties and out-of-stock collections, for example. "Vintage" doesn't necessarily mean just clothes though. Mickes at Hornstull is a great place for crate-digging through old records, movies, and comic books. And Rönnells Antikvariat at Östermalmstorg is one of Stockholm's most beloved book shops.

You'll also find several stores taking an even more niche approach to their stock. At Svenska Armaturer you'll find restored lamps to hand from your ceiling and at Vintageaffischer a spiffy poster to hang on your wall. Sneakershyllan deals in pre-used sneakers and sports shoes and Stockholms Science Fiction Antikvariat is guaranteed to have something scary or mind-bending to read.

But be sure not to have any appointments to keep before going on a vintage treasure hunt. Once you step down this particular rabbit hole, you might not be back for a while!