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The vintage boutique Dusty Deco in Stockholm. Armatures in copper, leather furniture and a collection of large framed photographs can be seen on the picture. The Dusty Deco-gang has only one rule – the only objects for sale are the ones they’d like to have in their own home.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Find second-hand and vintage shops in Stockholm

Publish date: 1 May 2024

Give pre-used clothes, records, books, and furniture a second chance! Here are some of Stockholm's best vintage boutiques, thrift stores, and second-hand shops.

So the newest fashion trends and collections are not your cup of tea? Don’t worry! Stockholm has lots of cool vintage and second-hand shops for you to go treasure hunting in. But be sure not to have any appointments to keep before going on a vintage treasure hunt. Once you step down this particular rabbit hole, you might not be back for a while!

Södermalm – the second-hand Mecca

Hipp and trendsetting Södermalm is probably the hotspot for vintage hunters. You'll find several eclectic shops and thrift store franchises to forage through. For example:

  • Apans Andra Hand – A fairly new addition to Södermalm's fauna of vintage stores. Moved from Southern Stockholm to its current location in 2023. Deals mainly in fashion and accessories.
  • Aplace – A lifestyle magazine that morphed into a fashion and design store. Focuses on up-and-coming and progressive brands, and has an in-store second-hand section.
  • Asket The Restore – Asket is a minimalist high-end Swedish fashion brand with sustainably business practices. The Restore shop deals exclusively with pre-loved Asket garments seeking new homes.
  • Brandstationen – Cozy and quirky shop with fashion, design, furniture, and various knick-knacks. Their former location was in an old fire station before the shop moved to its current locale on Hornsgatan.
  • Judits Second Hand – Renowned boutique on Hornsgatan that primarily focuses on garments from the 50s-70s.
  • Slow Fashion Hub – A hub for independent designers and smaller shops that offers pop-up tables. The shop has also started the concept of a Stockholm Slow Fashion District in collaboration with its neighboring shops on Hornsgatan.

Second-hand chains

Some of the most popular second-hand shops are part of chains that can be found in several locations.

  • Artikel2 – Formerly known as Emmaus. Artikel2 is a humanitarian organization that also operates four second-hand shops in Stockholm. Runs 5 shops with everything from clothes to books and toys.
  • Beyond Retro – An international chain of popular vintage fashion stores founded in the UK. The first store in Sweden opened in Stockholm, in 2005.
  • Humana – Part of the humanitarian organization with the same name. Operates two stores in Stockholm. Primarily has clothes and accessories.
  • Myrorna – One of Sweden's largest chains of second-hand shops with 9 locations in and around Stockholm. Myrorna is a part of the Salvation Army's Swedish branch.
  • Stockholms stadsmission – Stockholm's largest chain och second had stores with 19 locations in the Stockholm area, and several more in neighbouring cities. Affiliated with the Stockholm Homeless Shelter.

Niche vintage boutiques

"Vintage" doesn't necessarily mean only clothes though. Mickes at Hornstull is a great place for crate-digging through old records, movies, and comic books. Rönnells Antikvariat at Östermalmstorg is one of Stockholm's most beloved bookshops, with a large selection of pre-loved books. You'll also find several stores taking an even more niche approach to their curation.

  • Sneakershyllan – On Södermalm. Started with a focus on pre-used sneakers and sports shoes, but has since then branched out into streetwear in general.
  • Stockholms Science Fiction Antikvariat – An antique and second-hand book shop, specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror literature. Guaranteed to have something scary or mind-bending to read.
  • Svenska Armaturer – Antique lamp shop in Midsommarkransen. Find refurbed lighting in all shapes and sizes.
  • Vintageaffischer – Spiffy vintage posters to decorate your home with. Has everything from old ads and political posters to music and film.