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Royal National City Park

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The world's first national urban park is a green lung forming an arc more than six miles long, stretching around and through the city.

The park abuts the adjoining forests around the city, ensuring an exceptional wealth of species. You can encounter deer and hares, even foxes and moose, and spot rare birds, butterflies, and insects, right inside the city. You can walk for days through the Ekoparken, discovering ever new lovely spots.

There's an abundance of things to see: museums, an amusement park, theaters and entertainment, castles, inns and hotels, sports facilities, numerous residences from different historical periods, hills with centuries-old oak trees, lakes, streams, bays, marshes, and canals.

The meadows with grazing cows, horses, and sheep, secluded swimming spots, rocky hilltops, and areas with wild, virgin nature make it hard to take in that you're in the middle of a big city.

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Royal Djurgården