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Mälaröarna's hiking trails

Ekerö kommun

Also called Mälarölederna, these are a collection of hiking trails stretching over a few islands in Lake Mälaren, belonging to Ekerö municipality. Nature is rich in wildlife and dramatic shifts.

Lovö hiking trail goes through Lovö nature reserve and over forest paths and beaches. The hiking trail is about 18 kilometers long and has one huge attraction above all: Drottningholm Palace. Ekerö-Munsö hiking trail part 1 is an 18-kilometer long path that passes, among other things, a swimming area and Skytteholm where you'll find a hotel and a golf club. Ekerö-Munsö hiking trail part 2 is 15 kilometers long with lots of swimming opportunities in small lakes along the way. Adelsö hiking trail takes you to ancient tombs and a tower with nice views over Lake Mälaren. The trail is 16 kilometers long.

Keep in mind that none of the trails in Ekerö municipality offer shelters for overnight stays.