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Midsommar i Stockholm. A woman is dancing on a meadow. Sunset.

Photo: Rania Rönntoft

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Midsummer in Stockholm

Publish date: 12 May 2022

One of the most characteristic and beloved Swedish traditions of all is Midsummer's Eve. It's the longest day of the year – when the sky never darkens – and this year it's celebrated on Friday, June 24.

Usually, most Stockholmers leave for the archipelago or the countryside during the weekend. This year will be quite different, as large social gatherings currently should be avoided because of the ongoing corona pandemic.

However, there are still many ways to celebrate Midsummer in Stockholm in a safe way. Smaller Midsummer celebrations are held with a limited amount of participants, several restaurants offer Midsummer menus as takeout.

Feel like doing something more beyond celebrating Midsummer? At the end of the guide, you will also find several attractions that are open, as well as some sightseeing boat cruises.

Celebrations in Stockholm

Midsummer at Skansen is has been celebrated since the park's founding in 1886. Due to current restrictions, Skansen does not offer a joint dance around a single large pole this year. Instead, there are multiple midsummer poles around the park and various activities for young and old alike. Several restaurants are open and offer picnic baskets with midsummer food as takeaway.

Hasselbacken's inclusive midsummer celebration is led by drag show artist Miss Inga and Cirkus CEO Ingmari “Helga” Pagenkemper. The holiday must have all the necessities such as dressing and raising the midsummer pole, singing, (corona-safe) games and schnapps songs will be there, but also unexpected surprises! After the celebration, the evening continues with open bars, restaurant and DJs. Reserve your seat on the website.

Stockholm Under Stjärnorna is a fabulously sized rooftop bar and restaurant located smack dab in the very center of Stockholm. Apart from the traditional food and drink included in the admission, guests will also be treated to a festive midsummer quiz! Pre-booking is recommended. Spontaneous drinking songs may or may not accompany the meal.

Midsummer Celebrations outside of Stockholm

Hotel Djurönäset is situated on the Djurö island in the Stockholm archipelago. The Midsummer celebration includes food, music, and dancing around the midsummer pole. It is also possible to compete against your friends in the pentathlon booths, or simply check-in at the hotel and take it easy in their spa. Booking in advance is recommended.

The Grinda island lies in the middle of the archipelago, about 75 minutes by boat from central Stockholm. Here, you can celebrate a traditional midsummer including flower-picking and raising the maypole together. There will, however, be no dancing due to the pandemic. Please make your reservation in advance.

Midsummer Take-away Food

Urban Deli offers all kinds of midsummer packages. From smaller herring lunches with self-pickled herring to entire luncheons and Västerbotten pies. For those with a sweet tooth, there is also a much-appreciated cake assemble kit with strawberries. Order no later than 20:00 the day before.

Matsällskapet not only has a quality midsummer box, but also a barbecue version, in which everything for the grill is delivered with a delicious potato salad. Just light it up and you're ready to go! Can be delivered within city limits or picked up on-site in Solna.

Elderberry herring and spring onion herring are some of the delicacies in Villa Godthem's midsummer bag. Everything is ready to eat except for Jansson's temptation (a deliciously weird potato gratin) and ribs, which come with heating instructions. Order on the webpage.

When is Midsummer celebrated in Sweden?

  • Midsummer's Eve 2022 is on Friday, June 24.
  • Midsummer's Day 2022 is on Saturday, June 25.

Why do we celebrate Midsummer? 

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