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4 people ice skating on a frozen late on a sunny winter day
Photo: Visit Stockholm
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Ice skating in Stockholm

Publish date: 24 February 2021

No matter if you're a pro-skater or feel like Bambi out on the ice, places for ice skating are accessible and plentiful in Stockholm.

  • Ice-skating in the city: There are several ice-skating rinks in Stockholm and its surrounding areas. The two most popular, and central, are the ice-skating rinks in Kungsträdgården and Vasaparken.
    Stay home if you feel unwell, keep a distance from others, and make sure to change your plans if it gets crowded on the ice.
  • Ice-skating on natural ice: When the weather conditions are right and the ice is thick enough, several lakes in Stockholm are plowed and made into ice-skating tracks. The closest to the city is Trekanten in Liljeholmen. Further south you'll find Drevviken, Magelungen, and Långsjön. Check this map to see which is closest to you (page in Swedish)!
    The ices in the Stockholm area might be weak at the moment. Avoid going on the ice if you don't have the right knowledge! Find more info here (page in Swedish).
  • Guided tours on Nordic skates: If you'd like to get closer to nature still, a tour on Nordic skates over the frozen lakes in Stockholm might be more to your liking. Green Trails, Stockholm Adventures and True Nature are among the tour operators offering guided tours on long-distance skates.

Looking for more skating rinks in Stockholm? Find the nearest one here (page in Swedish).

The best figure skaters from around the world will come to Stockholm in March 2021 to compete for the World title and berths for the next Olympic Games in 2022! Enjoy six days of singles, pair skating, and ice dance. Find out more about how to see the figure skating here.