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Children ice skating in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm during the winter break.
Photo: Visit Stockholm
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Have a fun winter-break in Stockholm

Publish date: 19 January 2021

The last week of February/first week in March gives the children of Stockholm a break from school with a half-term holiday (known as "Sportlov", literally Sports Holiday). The idea is to gives kids a chance to get some days off and spend some time on the slopes or ice-covered lakes of Sweden, while there's still snow left.

  • Ice-skating in the city: There are several ice-skating rinks in Stockholm and its surrounding areas. The two most popular, and central, are the ice-skating rinks in Kungsträdgården and Vasaparken.
  • Ice-skating on natural ice: When the weather conditions are right and the ice is thick enough, several lakes in Stockholm are plowed and made into ice-skating tracks. The closest to the city is Trekanten in Liljeholmen. Further south you'll find Drevviken, Magelungen, and Långsjön. Check this map to see which is closest to you (page in Swedish)!
  • Guided tours on Nordic skates: If you'd like to get closer to nature still, a tour on Nordic skates over the frozen lakes in Stockholm might be more to your liking. Green Trails and True Nature are among the tour operators offering guided tours on long-distance skates.
  • Winter kayaking: It's been said that Stockholm is best experienced from the water, and that still holds true during the winter months. Green Trails and Stockholm Adventures are among the tour operators offering adventurous kayaking tours in the chilly waters of Stockholm.
  • Winter hiking: Sometimes all you need for a lovely day outdoors is a pair of comfortable winter shoes, a backpack, snacks, and a thermos with hot coffee or chocolate. Järvafältet, Nacka Nature Reserve (with Hellasgården), and Lida Friluftsområde are among Stockholm's most popular nature reserves, perfect for a winter hike. You'll find trails suited for both leisurely strolls and brisk walks. You'll also find lots of other activities, besides enjoying nature, in the reserves. Hellasgården in Nacka, for example, has opportunities for winter swimming and sauna. Lida, on the other hand, has a treetop adventure course high above the ground.
  • Guided snowshoe-tours: And if that's not adventurous enough for you, a snowshoe trek over frozen lakes and snowy forests might be your cup of tea. Stockholm Adventure and Green Trails both offer guided snowshoe day trips in the Stockholm area.

Be sure to check our guides about skiing, winter swimming, outdoor cafés, and sledding for more inspiration on how to spend a winter day in Stockholm!