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Ice skaters in Kungsträdgården ice rink

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Have a fun winter-break in Stockholm

Publish date: 1 March 2021

The last week of February/first week in March gives the children of Stockholm a break from school with a half-term holiday (known as "Sportlov", literally Sports Holiday). The idea is to gives kids a chance to get some days off and spend some time on the slopes or ice-covered lakes of Sweden, while there's still snow left.

Visiting Stockholm during the winter? Go skiing on one of the city's slopes, glide around a classic ice-skating rink, or join a guided long-distance skating tour across Lake Mälaren. Below you'll find our selection of guides on fun and adventurous winter activities.

  • Visit Stockholm's museums online: Most of Stockholm's museums are still closed or only allow a very limited number of visitors at any given time. Luckily, many exhibitions and collections are available online and free of charge. Some museums, like Nationalmuseum and Moderna, also have lots of fun activities, tips, and tricks, for anyone who loves to paint or draw.
  • Online shows and concerts: Experience great music and shows, from the comfort of your own home. Kulturhuset, Stockholm Concert Hall, and the Royal Opera House have concerts and stage performances available to stream on their respective webpages.
  • Ice-skating in the city: Public ice skating rinks are plentiful and accessible in Stockholm. But if you'd prefer to skate on natural ice or even venture out on a guided tour on Nordic skates there are several options to chose from. Get more info on the ice rinks in Stockholm here, and the ice status on the city lakes here (in Swedish).
  • Sled slopes in Stockholm: When snow dresses the city in white, there’s no better activity than to bring the whole family to the hilly parks of Stockholm. Don't forget to bring helmets!
  • Ski slopes in Stockholm: Stockholm has several slopes perfect for downhill skiing or snowboarding. If you prefer cross country skiing there are tracks available both with natural and artificial snow.
  • Winter swimming: Swimming? In the middle of freezing winter? Yes, that's right. Taking a quick dip into chilly waters is both good for your health and a popular pastime.
  • Outdoor cafés: Several cafés and restaurants have their outdoor areas open all year round. You might want to skip the ice cream and go for a hot cup of chocolate or coffee instead though!
  • Hiking trails: Put on warm clothes, comfortable boots and pack a backpack with snacks warm drinks. Going on a winter hike in Stockholm is a lovely experience.
  • Guided tours: Whether you'd like to go sightseeing in the city or take a nature tour there are several ways to take in the sights of the city. Some pretty straightforward, others a little bit different (ghosts, anyone?).
  • Winter kayaking: It's been said that Stockholm is best experienced from the water, and that still holds during the winter months. Several tour operators like Green Trails and Stockholm Adventure offer organize adventurous kayaking tours in the chilly waters of Stockholm.

Please stay home if you feel unwell, remember to keep a distance from others, and make sure to stay flexible and ready to change your plans if it gets crowded. Thank you for being responsible!