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Second hand shops in Stockholm. Old vintage stuff at Cirkus.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Explore the second hand scene of Råsunda

Publish date: 9 May 2023

Recently there's been a renaissance of new second-hand and vintage boutiques in Solna. Anyone looking for a great bargain on pre-used clothes or design objects should definitely take a detour to these parts.

My interest in second hand-shopping began, in earnest, when I became a parent in 2010. As a parent, you're constantly told to buy new stuff... stuff you might not use or even need. Seeing my son lying in his crib, surrounded by clothes, toys, and knick-knacks, was an eye-opener. I've worked in the clothes industry in the past, encouraged others to consume, and been a big consumer myself. But now I just had a sinking feeling because of all the unnecessary stuff we amassed. It's unsustainable, both from an economic and environmental standpoint. Especially considering all the pollution coming from the fashion industry.

So, while I started to buy second-hand clothes and toys, I also felt that there was something missing in my neighborhood. Firstly because the shops were few and far between. But also because using second-hand or auction services online can be a chore. Personally, I'm too much of a chicken. I don't have the courage to back away from a deal, once I've already made the trip, or return something that was damaged or in a bad condition. Once I was 15 minutes late for picking up something from a seller. The woman who answered the door was livid, she was in the middle of trying to put her child to sleep and slammed the door in my face.

Råsunda. A street in the neighbourhood of Råsunda in northern Stockholm.
Råsunda is located just north of central Stockholm, in the neighbouring municipality of Solna. The suburb was built in the early 20th century, at the initive by industrialists Ivar and Torsten Kreuger.Photo: Visit Stockholm

All these experiences eventually led me to open my own boutique, Cirkus Second Hand. We opened in December of -21, with children's clothes, women's fashion, toys, and various knick-knacks. Since then I've noticed how a small community of shops has formed, and grown larger with new inspiring shops.

The oldest shop is probably Robinette, located at Arthur Lundkvist Park. It's a small, cozy shop, that's been around since the 70s run by Karin, a supercool older woman. Here you'll find women's clothing, scarves, and handbags. Another well-established and well-stocked shop is Råsunda Barnkläder. Located just a short walk from Robinette, along Råsundavägen, it has a large selection of children's toys, shoes, books, and toys.

Second hand shops in Stockholm. Old vintage stuff at Cirkus.
The number of secondhand shops in Råsunda and Solna has just grown larger and larger. It has made the area a great place to find preused bargins and vintage treasures alike.Photo: Visit Stockholm

Continuing your walk towards Solna Centrum, you'll soon come across your next stop; Hippieyaya. This colorful hippie-vintage shop is run by Inger, who's been instrumental in bringing Råsunda's secondhand community together, as the driving force behind regular market days and flea markets. Vintage boutique Everlong opened a couple of months after mine. It stocks fancy clothes, handbags, and accessories from the 1920s and onwards. And over at Ryttargatan Street is Ryttargatans Vintage which primarily deals in unclaimed estates. The shop is weekend-open only, and there is usually a long line forming before opening hours.

Finally, I have to mention Solna Centrum. On the one hand, two of Sweden's secondhand chains are represented here – Emmaus and Stadsmissionen – each with their own shop. Which I think is just fantastic! Secondly, you'll find the recycling hub Retropunkt Solna. Here you can borrow tools and smoldering irons if you need to make repairs, sewing machines to patch up your clothes, and hand in stuff that you don't need. The staff is really friendly and helpful, and great craftsmen as well turning old lampshades and plates into lovely new things.

About the author

Isabel is born and raised in Solna. An AIK supporter since childhood ("It's difficult not to be if you grew up in the shadow of Råsunda Football Stadium") she's lived in Hammarbyhöjden and on Kungsholmen. But when she was pregnant with her first child in 2010 she moved back to Råsunda. "I love having everything in Råsunda: nature, suburban houses, large residential areas, and commercial areas". After several years in the media industry, she opened her own secondhand boutique. The ultimate dream though would be a whole recycling shopping mall: "Imagine like a Mall of Scandinavia, but full of cool vintage and secondhand shops, selling all kinds of fun clothes, books, furniture, and books".

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