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Vikings in Sweden. Actors play out a viking-battle, dressed in armor, helmets and chainmail. There are several viking-attractions in and around Stockholm for history buffs to visit.

Photo: Strömma Cruises

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Publish date: 6 December 2022

Get to know the infamous seafarers better, through excursions, exhibitions, and guided tours. Here's where you'll learn more about Vikings in Stockholm!

The Vikings were infamous seafarers and pirates during the late iron age. Hailing from Northern Europe the Vikings raided and traded with settlements in the European countries, from the British Isles to the Mediterranean coasts. Their exploration took even took them to North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Traces of settlements have even been found in North America.

There are lots of attractions that offer history buffs a glimpse into the history of the Vikings in Stockholm. You can take a cruise along Lake Mälaren to the archeological dig site of Birka or experience the interactive exhibition of Vikingaliv. There are also many runestones to be found in the surrounding areas of Stockholm.