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The Noble prize ceremony in Stockholm Concert Hall. Dignitaries as well as the Royal Family attend for the event.

Photo: Nobel Media AB/Alex Ljungdahl

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A Nobel way to discover Stockholm

Publish date: 11 November 2020

Between 5 and 12 October, the Nobel Prizes of 2020 will be announced. During this week, you can attend a series of physical and digital events collectively labeled Nobel Calling Stockholm. The focus will be on the importance of science, literature, and peace efforts, and the Nobel Prize Museum will have free admission all week.

Here is a selection of interesting events and other tips in the spirit of Alfred Nobel. For the full schedule, please see the Nobel Prize Museum.

The Nobel Laureates usually gather in Stockholm Concert Hall for the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony on 10 December every year. Due to the coronavirus, COVID-19, this year's Nobel Laureates will receive their prizes in their home countries. Instead of a physical event, the award ceremony will be broadcast on television.

There will be no Nobel banquet in Stockholm City Hall 2020.