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The LGBTQ+ guide to Stockholm

Publish date: 16 June 2022

Gay and lesbian life in Stockholm is like the city itself: easily accessible, hugely fun, highly varied, warm, and welcoming. Over the years, Stockholm has emerged as one of the world’s favorite gay and lesbian destinations, winning awards and topping Where to go-lists across the planet.

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LGBT Progress in Sweden

  • 1944 Homosexual relationships are legalized
  • 1972 Sweden becomes the first country in the world to legally allow gender change
  • 1979 The National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) decides homosexuality is no longer a mental disorder
  • 1987 Ban on discrimination against homosexuals by businesses and government officials takes effect
  • 1988 Homosexuals included in the cohabitation law
  • 1995 The Registered Partnership Act (domestic partnership law) is passed
  • 1999 HomO, an ombudsman for LGBT people, is established
  • 2003 Constitutional change to outlaw hate speech based on sexual orientation
  • 2003 Adoption rights for same-sex couples
  • 2005 Insemination rights for lesbian couples
  • 2009 Transgender identity and expressions included in the anti-discrimination act
  • 2009 Gender-neutral marriage law in effect
  • 2011 Prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation is added to the Swedish constitution
  • 2013 Mandatory sterilization stricken from the law regarding change of legal gender