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Restaurants in Stockholm. Blå+ on Djurgården, the museum restaurant at Liljevalchs art museum. Picture of food; large platse of vegetables, hummus and feta cheese.

Photo: Sigrid von Heijne

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Restaurants and Cafés on Djurgården

Publish date: 24 November 2023

Djurgården, the magnificent park island in central Stockholm, boasts some spectacular museums, thrilling rollercoasters and beautiful nature all in one place. If you want a bite to eat in between your leisures, here's the guide for you!

Surrounded by water, lush, and situated in the very center of Stockholm, it's no wonder Djurgården is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Home to hotels, amusement parks, and museums known far beyond the Swedish borders, the area hosts a range of establishments ready to serve hungry visitors – from traditional Swedish fare at Ulla Winbladh, and hidden, eccentric gems like Skroten, to modern, top-ranked restaurants like Aira.

Apart from the locations listed here, many bars and diners are within the confines of the popular Gröna Lund amusement park. Furthermore, restaurants can be found in museums such as Skansen, The Viking Museum, and The Vasa Museum. However, You need to pay the admission first, with the restaurants Eld at The Viking Museum and Spritmuseum – The Museum of Spirit's restaurant being exceptions to the rule.

A final piece of advice: Remember that most restaurants are situated in the western and central parts of the island – if you start trekking the island on an empty stomach, bringing a snack is recommended! In the summer season, however, Café Blockhusudden is a culinary outpost on the island's easternmost shore.

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