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Spring flowers in yellow and orange colors in vases on a table
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Easter in Stockholm

Publish date: 10 February 2021

Flying witches, loads of candy, and spring celebrations – that's what characterizes the Swedish version of Easter ("påsk").

Sweden is a secular country, so the Easter holiday is more about celebrating the first long, holiday weekend of spring, rather than any religious traditions. Many Stockholmers simply enjoy the extra days off from work and use them to spend time with their friends and families.

Children traditionally dress up as (cute) witches, and go "trick or treating" around the neighborhood. Legend has it Easter was the time when the witches flew off on broomsticks to dance with the devil on the island of Blåkulla.

Just like Christmas and Midsummer, Easter Eve is the holiday's major feast day. That is the day to enjoy traditional food, which is also the same as on Christmas and Midsummer: Pickled herring, potatoes, salmon, meatballs and Jansson's temptation (a creamy mix of potatoes, onions, and anchovies). Just add lots of eggs and loads of candy.