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Cafe at the quay

Photo: Henrik Trygg

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Sunny open-air restaurants

Publish date: 15 July 2022

Spend a lovely summer evening with good food and drinks in a sunny outdoor restaurant. Visit Stockholm guides you to some of the most beloved summer bars and restaurants in Stockholm.

When the sun shines on Stockholm there's nothing that beats enjoying a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or an entire feast alfresco. Generally, the season for open-air restaurants and cafés starts in early April and lasts until late October. Most start setting the tables for outdoor guests sometime in April or May.

And after a dark winter, with short days, Stockholm's open-air bars and restaurants fast with locals starved for sunlight. Luckily there are plenty of outdoor servings to choose from.

Stockholm is synonymous with water, which in turn means that there's no shortage of seaside restaurants. Classics like Solstugan, Fåfängan, and Mosebacketerassen offer a panoramic view of both lake Mälaren and inner-city Stockholm, and bustling summer hotspots like Debaser Pontonen, Mälarpaviljongen, and Strandbryggan are actually located in water. If you like feeling the beating heart of the city (albeit with water ever-present) Strandvägen 1, Lydmar, and Münchenbryggeriet Beergarden are worth checking out. Landlubbers, opting for lush green trees instead, might enjoy an evening at Lasse i Parken, Surfers Humlan, and Bleck.

Here are a few places offering outdoor service and great ambiance.