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Andreas Blom.

Photo: Kollektivet Livet

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Andreas Blom: My 5 favorite cultural venues

Publish date: 13 March 2023

In March 2023 Kollektivet Bar & Scen, a new club and concert venue opened its doors in Södermalm. We asked Andreas Blom, head of culture at the new venture, for his tips on other great places to experience culture in Stockholm.

Stadsgårdsterminalen is Stockholms latest culture hotspot. The venue, located in Birka Cruises' former terminal at Slussen, is a space for art, music, and events, featuring a bar and a rooftop terrace overlooking Gamla Stan. In early March it also saw the addition of Kollektivet Bar & Scen, a new bar and concert venue.

The head of culture at Stadsgårdsterminalen is Andreas Blom. Born and raised in Stockholm, Andreas founded the Kollektivet Livet ad agency behind the revitalization of Stadsgårdsterminalen. We asked him to share his tips on which cultural venues not to miss in Stockholm.

Andreas Blom's 5 favorite cultural venues

In the middle of the organized chaos that is the current redevelopment of Slussen, you'll surprisingly enough find a cultural hub. Stadsgårdsterminalen is where 500 people dance the bachata at the ground level, while punk bands or DJs play amongst flashing lights at the live stage on the floor above. At the same time, artists transform windows, walls, and halls with murals and LED lighting. And in Kroppens hus children get to paint and create while researchers and artists discuss various phenomena and states of being. Stadsgårdsterminalen is a meeting place where everyone is welcome, and where we leave everyday life behind!

The cultural society Melodybox, a playground for adults, is located in the middle of Hägersten's suburban residential area. From the outside, it looks much like a Swedish grocery shop from the 1950s. As you enter you're greeted by an interior that feels both vintage and genuine and give the place an aura of an old gas station or garage. And the owners are basically someone's cool grandparents. It's a place that has it all. Enjoy concerts, nightclubs, or art exhibitions. Watch a football game while a jazz trio is playing live. It's very random – and I love it!

Reimersholme Hotell
Live-karaoke and delicious natural wines? Yes, please! On Reimersholme, one of central Stockholm's coziest islands, you'll find this wonderfully chaotic hotel that, apart from accommodating hotel guests, features a sauna, outdoor terrace, nightclubs, stand-up comedy evenings, and everything in between. A visit during the summer is a must. Don't forget to take a swim in the waters surrounding the island, or rent a SUP and treat yourself to a hot sauna afterward!

In Frihamnens raw industrial district you'll come across a large red wooden house with a co-working space for creatives and club events for partygoers; Blivande. Blivande has also decked out the surrounding barracks and built a small square outside where they organize markets, art exhibitions, and small festivals.

Musikaliska Kvarteret
In Sweden's first concert hall, located in a building with amazing rooms and halls dating back to 1877, Musikaliska has blessed Stockholm with no less than 4 stages for live music in a cluster of bars, restaurants, and event spaces. Besides the venerated Stora Scenen and The Clara Schumann Hall, you'll find the Foajébaren, Vinbaren, Blinda Tigern, Stallet, and an outdoor serving area during the summer. The concerts are of the highest quality, everything from folk music, contemporary orchestral music, jazz, pop, spoken word, and family-friendly concerts.