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Design i Stockholm. Svenskt Tenn, butiksinteriör. Möbler och designföremål i Svenskt Tenns butik på Strandvägen i Stockholm. Längst fram i bild syns en soffa klädd i tyg med Josef Franks klassiska Aralia-mönster.

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Treat yourself with luxury shopping on Östermalm

Publish date: 13 January 2021

Upscale Östermalm has long been synonymous with exclusive boutiques and fine-dining restaurants. And why not treat yourself with some of the finest shopping Stockholm has to offer?

The Public Health Agency of Sweden advises against any non-essential visits to shops and shopping malls due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Use a facemask if the shop is crowded, keep your distance and visit the shop alone if possible. Read more here.

Every part of Stockholm has its charm, and I love the fact that you easily can get around town with just a bike. When it comes to shopping there is probably no end to all the great boutiques I'd love to tell you about. But I’ll try to reign in myself and focus on Östermalm. My heart belongs to Djurgården and it's here that I spend most of my time, hanging out with friends and family.

Santosh Clothing

I can't live without cashmere. I've literally taken up permanent residence in my Santosh-sweaters! The company’s founder Antonia Stackelberg designs all garments herself, for a customer base of picky, eco-fashionistas that demand unique outfits. The fabric for their sweaters, caps, scarfs, and plaids is sourced directly from Mongolian goat herders, and spun, dyed, and weaved under ethically and environmentally sustainable conditions at their own factory in Ulaanbaatar. Fashion model Caroline Winberg and fashion-icon Olivia Palermo are among the label's fans.

Märta Larsson

You might recall Alice Bah Kuhnke's [former Swedish Minister of Culture] eye-catching outfit at the 2017 Nobel banquet. Dressed like an ice queen, she wore a huge shining quartz ring by jeweler Märta Larsson. Larsson started designing jewelry for her own use, during her time as the vocalist in a punk-rock band. Her creations started to get quite the attention, with people asking where she had found them. One thing led to another, and since then her raw, uncut gems, have been on the covers of many fashion magazines (and famous ring fingers as well).

Galleri Sebastian Schildt

Sebastian Schildt is easily the best silversmith Sweden has to offer, making custom-made rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings! The gallery on Strandvägen bears his name, but it also features exhibitions by some of Sweden's most prominent artists.

Le Garderobe

There's something special about finding that perfect vintage-bargain. But rummaging through second hand-shops isn't always an easy task, and becoming a fully-fledged vintage-hunter takes a lot of practice and tenacity. If you haven't got the time or stamina to sift through cramped vintage boutiques in search of hidden gems I might have just the thing for you. Le Garderobe on Storgatan stocks big name-brands like Chanel, Balenciaga, Valentino, and Brunello Cucinelli, and is run by Stockholm's most knowledgeable fashionistas. You'll either walk away with a great find or a piece of fascinating fashion-trivia. More often than not, both!

Svenskt Tenn

Svenskt Tenn is like a wonderful, colorful museum. I'm more than happy to enjoy an afternoon tea at their saloon with marvelous pastries and canapés. Basically, you're sitting in on a coffee klatch with elegant Östermalm-ladies and interior design-devotees, sipping on Estrid Ericsson’s favorite tea. Be sure to top of an already perfect afternoon with design shopping of the highest order. Svenskt Tenn has an abundance of beautiful objects to nurture and love for many years to come.

About the author

Nadya is a journalist, stylist, and entrepreneur and lives together with her seven-year-old-son Edward. Her weekdays are filled with (among other things) travels, holistic workout, and searching for inspiring design to decorate their Djurgården-home with. A passionate fashion-and-design aficionado, Nadya is always searching for new, dreamy, experiences. Her motto is “Sprinkle life with extra everything” and winning an auction of Hermès-scarfs, or a timeless design classic, at a bargain price certainly helps!

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