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Shopping in Stockholm. Colorful clothes and accessories at Pop Stockholm.

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Find your nightclub outfit in Södermalm's secondhand shops

Publish date: 17 February 2023

So you're going out on the town but can't find anything in your wardrobe to wear. Why not pick up something colorful and fun at one of Södermalm's second-hand shops?

Giving new old clothes a new lease on life feels good for several reasons. Firstly there's the environmental aspect; tons of perfectly fine clothes are discarded every year. So it's nice to reuse something that someone else hasn't any use for anymore. Secondly, I like buying clothes that have a previous history. I sometimes wonder what a t-shirt or a pair of pants has experienced before living it up with me in the clubs of Stockholm.

As a Södermalm-native, born and raised, I have plenty of great second-hand and vintage shops to explore and rummage through. There are for example the larger chains, also involved in charity work. Humana, located near Mariatorget, is probably my overall favorite second-hand boutique. They always have a great selection of clothes and accessories to choose from. Stockholms Stadmission, with stores on Hornsgatan and Nytorget, is great as well and also carries books, toys, music, kitchenware, and various utensils.

Then there's a myriad of small and cozy privately-owned shops, run by passionate vintage experts. Pop Stockholm on Åsögatan and Siv & Åke on Sankt Paulsgatan are my personal favorites. Dealing primarily in clothes, handbags, and accessories you're bound to find something lovely and colorful every time you set your foot through the door. Last but not least there's the immensely popular Beyond Retro by Zinkensdamm, a must for any serious vintage treasure hunter.

Important to know is that many vintage boutiques know their target audience very well, certainly on trendy Södermalm. So the chances of finding a garment from a brand or a style that is in vogue right now, at a bargain price, are really slim. But anyone willing to dig deep a try lots of items will surely find something cool and colorful to wear. Because stamina is key to any secondhand endeavor; load up your arms with clothes and be ready to try on a LOT of garments before finding what you're looking for.

About the author

Nataša Marijana is born and raised on Södermalm. She's studied music -and event organizing and describes herself as a DJ and creative consultant. Together with childhood friends Rebecca Tegengne and Linda Nápoles, she founded Ladieslovehiphop in 2014 – to organize clubs, festivals, and events. When's she's clubbing herself, you'll most likely find her at Södra Teatern or Trädgården. Even though there's much to love about Stockholm any time of the year, summer is her favorite season in the city. "You can already feel a kind of pre-summer buzz during the spring when the days grow longer and everything seems to open up".

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