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Attractions in Stockholm. The view och the City Hall as seen from Monteliusvägen, one of Stockholm's moste beloved viewpoints.

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My favorite Saturday walk on Södermalm

Publish date: 21 March 2022

The best thing about Stockholm is all the great promenade routes. Being able to easily get around, just by walking, and at the same time enjoying the wonderful surroundings is magical.

One of my favorite walks is from Stockholm Södra commuter train station to the Old Town, a route I love taking with my dog. The first stop along the way is Skinnarviksberget. But if my dog tags along we pass through Bergruvan park first, to chase some soccer balls and maybe see if there are other dogs around to play with. Skinnarviksberget is probably the best viewpoint on the whole of Södermalm and is as good of a place for takeaway sushi (personally I’d recommend Matsu Sushi Bar on Hornsgatan) as just a thermos of warm “glögg” in the sunset.

From there I continue along Monteliusvägen, past the lovely wooden townhouses to my right and the waters of Riddarfjärden to my left, until I arrive at Hornsgatspucklen. On this elevated part of Hornsgatan you’ll find Tea Centre of Stockholm; a must-visit for anyone who likes to sip on a delicious cup of tea during their Sunday fantasy reading. The next stop is Gamla Stan; either by taking the old railway bridge for more stunning views or (as my acrophobic husband prefers it) via the newly-constructed “Guldbron”.

In Gamla Stan you’ll find the world’s greatest shop; Science Fiction Bokhandeln. Even though I used to work here for many years, I still love the feeling of entering through its doors, to a place that collects all of my nerd interests in one shape or form. And when it comes to genre literature, nothing else comes close. The friendly staff will help you find a great page-turner among its many books on the ground floor, and up the stairs, at the back, you’ll find a great selection of board games and tabletop roleplaying games. If you’re missing a cool tea mug or cozy hoodie, you’ll find that here too. And if against all odds, you don’t find anything at all catering to your tastes it’s still a great place for browsing. After having bought way too many books to put on my pile of “must-reads” I finish the day off with a glass of wine and the city’s best meat at Texas Longhorn.

About the author

Lillie Klefelt, born and raised on Södermalm, started her journey into gaming at the age of three when she told her mom that she and her stepdad had been "shooting Germans together (in the game Wolfenstein) all evening long!". In 2016 she and Liza Lind founded the e-sports community Female Legends that today has some 5000 members. Female Legends is still a big part of her life today, and also she works as a project lead for Nattskiftet's e-sports project, does lectures, participates in panel discussions, and does lobby work. Her end goal is an inclusive e-sports scene where everybody is welcome.

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