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Christmas tree on the quay.

Photo: Henrik Trygg

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Christmas in Stockholm

Publish date: 25 November 2023

Whether you enjoy a traditional or a contemporary Christmas, Stockholm has something to offer you. Visit a Christmas market, have some glögg with gingerbread and go shopping under the beautiful Christmas decorations that light up the city every year. Here are some Christmas highlights in Stockholm.

You might say that Stockholm, officially, starts getting into the Christmas spirit on November 12. This is when the #Stockholmsjul Christmas Lights are lit; over 40 streets and squares around central Stockholm are decorated with some 1 million LED lights and mini-bulb-strands in the shape of reindeer, angels, and mistletoes. Seeing though as Stockholm only gets a few hours of daylight on a normal winter's day this display of bright lights is a welcome addition to the cityscape.

Another sign that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas is the department store Nordiska Kompaniet's Christmas display. Since 1902 NK has gone all-out with imaginative dioramas in the store windows, each year under a new theme. Past themes include "A sustainable Christmas", "Mysteries of Christmas" and "Gingerbread Wonderland" and they are held tightly under wraps until the traditional unveiling in late November.

Some of Stockholm's most beloved attractions, like Skansen and Gamla Stan are in full Christmas mode from late November and most of December. At Skansen, for example, you'll learn more about different traditions and preparation from around Sweden in the open-air museum's many historic buildings and houses. The annual Christmas Market (open daily from November 25 to December 23) at Stortorget is a great place to buy Christmas sweets, candles, and decorations.

Speaking of Christmas markets there are quite a few around Stockholm, starting from mid-November, from traditional ones to contemporary Christmas markets with a twist. From the produce-focused Farmer's Christmas Market in Tessinparken, and the immense Christmas Fair at Taxinge Castle to the more design-oriented Maker's Market in Winterviken. You can find more info about Stockholm's Christmas markets in our continuously updated guide.

A big part och Swedish Christmas, as in many countries, is the food. Meatballs, kale, Christmas ham, and mulled wine ("glögg") are staples of traditional Swedish holiday cuisine and many restaurants serve seasonal buffets or have a traditional menu all through December. But you'll also find restaurants taking inspiration from other parts of the world or serving holiday food with a contemporary twist. Check out our guide on Christmas dinners in Stockholm for more suggestions.

Last but not least Christmas is a time for music, be it either traditional carols or holiday pop classics. Below you'll find some tips on concerts and stage shows that'll put the surliest miser in a festive mood and turn a "Bah! Humbug!" into "Merry Christmas"!