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Wellness i Stockholm. En kvinna tar ett japanskt bad på Yasuragi, ett spa i Stockholm. Hennes rygg är vänd mot kameran och hon häller en hink med vatten över sig själv.

Photo: Yasuragi

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Where I find mindfulness in the city

Publish date: 18 January 2021

Seeing as our lives just seem to get increasingly more stressful, it's never been more important to find time for yourself and some quality R&R. For me, a weekday without exercise and meditation feels hollow and stressful. And since I’m a sucker for design, it’s important to find beautiful and inspiring spaces for recuperation!


I positively adore Remedy; an upscale boutique studio where physique, spirituality, and unique training regimes meet. Besides classes in Pilates, Garuda and Barre you can enjoy sound healing-meditation, an infrared sauna, and different spiritual treatments. It's amazing that this hidden gem is basically around the block from where I live. Especially since I feel uncomfortable when the temperature drops and, they keep the temperature at 28 degrees Celsius [around 82 degrees Fahrenheit] all-year-round. Set of at least half a day for training classes, meditation, sauna, and a fresh fika in a fantastic environment. The bustling noise of the streets outsides will never have felt so distant!


Mindstory is the first boutique studio in Sweden with meditation that focuses on inner health. They offer meditation forms accessible to all, regardless of your background or needs. Drop-in for a short quick-fix-meditation or spend the whole day in stillness. In any case, you’ll step into a world far removed from everyday life's musts –and have to's. You’ll be able to relax at a fundamental level with a class led by Johanna Mörk Coldén (Mindstory’s founder).

Release Co.

I love trying out anything new in wellness. Vitamin therapy has been popular among health enthusiasts in the USA but is fairly unknown on these shores. Release Co. on Östermalm is Sweden's first clinic specialized in intravenous and intramuscular vitamin therapy. In other words a form of vitamin IV and vitamin shots. This is a place I visit whenever I feel that my body needs a real treat!


My longing for Japan hasn't really been helped with all the restrictions imposed on travel. It's a good thing then that you can taste plant-based Saishoku-cuisine and enjoy traditional Japanese baths without even leaving the Stockholm area. I highly recommend their well-stocked sake bar and their simply magic spa-treatments.

About the author

Nadya is a journalist, stylist, and entrepreneur and lives together with her seven-year-old-son Edward. Her weekdays are filled with (among other things) travels, holistic workout, and searching for inspiring design to decorate their Djurgården-home with. A passionate fashion-and-design aficionado, Nadya is always searching for new, dreamy, experiences. Her motto is “Sprinkle life with extra everything” and winning an auction of Hermès-scarfs, or a timeless design classic, at a bargain price certainly helps!

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