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Photo: adidas Stockholm Marathon

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Stockholm for runners: Long-distance races and competitions

Publish date: 12 June 2024

Want a physical challenge? Here are some of the most popular races taking place in and around Stockholm.

Stockholmers enjoy staying fit and healthy by running. Maybe it’s because of the miles and miles of paths along beautiful waters, green parks, and the city’s many bridges. Hence there are plenty of long-distance races to join or watch during the summer and fall.

Stockholm also has several fun-runs where the competition isn't as important as a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Run for Pride has since 2017 been an inclusive race, where a great vibe comes before great track results. And in the cross country race Tjurruset, your finishing time is secondary to the amount of muck and guck covering your clothes at the finish line.

Five classic long-distance races in Stockholm

Karolina Engman.
  • Adidas Stockholm Marathon (late May/early June) – Held for the first time in 1979, the Stockholm Marathon is arguably Stockholm's most famous long-distance race. The track is a two-lap course in inner-city Stockholm, with the finish line at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium.
  • Midnattsloppet (mid to late August) – Midnattsloppet, or "The Midnight Run" is Stockholm's biggest fun run. Even though it has a competitive class, the evening run (starting time is usually between 21-22) is more akin to a giant late-summer block party for the entire district of Södermalm.
  • Tjejmilen (mid to late August) – Tjejmilen turns 40 years in 2024, with the first race being held in 1984. The race is a girl/women-only cross country race, taking runners on a 10 km track around Djurgården in late summer.
  • ÖTILLÖ (first Monday in September) – ÖTILLÖ ("Island to Island") was held for the first time in 2006 and the ultra-endurance competition popularized the concept of swim runs. The track combines 60 km of cross-country running (roughly 37.3 miles) and 10 km (about 6,2 miles) of swimming over open water between the islands of Sandön and Utö in the Stockholm archipelago.
  • TCS Lidingöloppet (September/October) – Due to Lindingö's unique terrain, with many hills and long steep climbs, Lidingöloppet has been described as one of the most (if not the most) physically challenging long-distance races in Sweden. The competition is also one of four to complete during a calendar year if you're doing the "Swedish Classic" (the others being Vasaloppet, Vansbrosimmet, and Vätternrundan).

There are also several duathlons and races with a twist. Tough Viking, for example, is a 15-kilometer race with an obstacle course, and Arlandastad Duathlon combines bicycling and running on a 27,5-kilometer track.

So, get your workout routine in order and get a good pair of running shoes. Here are some highlights!