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Two women smiling in front of an open fire

Photo: Maja Hansson

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Maria and Jemina: Our 5 best nature experiences

Publish date: 5 March 2024

Being close to nature is something we Stockholmers never seem to stop talking about. That’s why we sat down with Maria Paulsson Rönnbäck and Jemina Pomoell, founders of the outdoor brand, Astrid Wild, and asked them to share their five best tips on nature experiences close to the city.

A while back, Maria Paulsson Rönnbäck decided to leave the tech industry and go to Sri Lanka to surf. It set her in a new direction because, while there, the idea was born to start designing stylish, functional outdoor clothing for women. She then joined forces with a friend, Jemina Pomoell, and together, they started up the brand, Astrid Wild. The core concept is for the clothing to be just as suitable for everyday wear as it is for nature excursions.

Here are Maria and Jemina’s 5 best tips on nature experiences in and around Stockholm:

Paradiset Nature Reserve: "With its deep, untouched forest and glistening lakes, this nature reserve holds a special place in our hearts. We love how easy it is to wander along the marked trails and the convenience of its lovely campsites and firepits. It truly is a paradise and retreat for stressed-out city folk who want to escape into nature, recharge, and relax."

Get Out Kayak: "If you love kayaking, these guys are the experts! They rent out kayaks and all the equipment you need for a magical day out on the sea. Epic sunsets are included in the price, too! Our favorite excursion departs from Stavsnäs, which you can easily reach by bus. Just push off from the shore and then kayak over to one of the islands to spend the night."

Island hopping with Waxholmsbolaget: "This is our favorite activity for a warm summer day. Hop on the ferry early in the morning and eat your breakfast while cruising through the magnificent Stockholm archipelago. Choose an island, hop off and simply enjoy the day sunbathing, reading, and eating delicious, juicy strawberries to your heart’s content. The journey home can be spent quietly, simply meditating and reflecting on life."

Sandemar Nature Reserve: "We have a special love for hikes along the sea and that’s precisely what Sandemar offers. Enjoy the easy walk from the parking lot out to the Sandemar firepit, situated on a delightful white sandy beach, with an incredible view of the sea. Sandemar is also a haven for bird watching, so don’t forget your binoculars!"

Swimming at Långholmen: "Want some exercise, health benefits, and nature? No problem. Just cross the bridge from Södermalm to Långholmen, a small but lush island with abundant allotment gardens and beaches. You'll feel far, far away from the city at this peaceful oasis, even though you’re not."