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Malin Lindström, local in Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Malin Lindström: My 5 winter tips in Stockholm

Publish date: 6 November 2023

Downhill skiing in the middle of the city or ice skating on natural ice. Malin Lindström, supervisor at Farsta Sports Facility shares her best winter tips in town.

As winter draws closer, Stockholm's various public facilities and parks are being prepared for snowfall and lower temperatures. Malin Lindström is one of the many people with a hands-on role in those preparations. As a supervisor at Farsta IP (Farsta Sports Facility), she cuts and maintains the grass at the soccer pitches during summer, and prepares the ice at the rinks during winter. Malin describes herself as a very active person. She's an avid jogger, a hockey player, and loves going on nature hikes. In the past, she's also practiced diving and gymnastics.

We asked Malin what her best 5 tips for an active winter day in Stockholm are:

Public skating: "There are ice skating rinks and arenas all over Stockholm. For example in Farsta, Gubbängen, Mälarhöjden and Spånga. While they are used by local sports teams for practice and matches, the public has allocated slots each week (page in Swedish) allowing anyone to get out on the rink."

Hammarbybacken ski resort: "It's great to have a ski resort in the middle of town, easily reached by car or public transportation. Hammarbybacken has lots of great activities, year long. The slopes are open during both winter and summer, and they have a climbing tower and a zipline track. And the view from the top, overlooking central Stockholm, is amazing."

Kungsträdgårdens ice-skating rink: "Probably Stockholm's most centrally located ice skating rink. Take a short walk from T-Centralen or Östermalm Torg's subway station, or travel directly to Kungsträdgården's subway station. You can rent skates on-site and the rink is usually open between November and March."

Ågesta: "The facility at Ågesta nature area is great for anyone in the mood for cross-country skiing. It's prepared with artificial snow and features two tracks: One that's 2.1 km long (about 1,3 miles), and a less challenging one that's 1 km (roughly 0,3 miles). Ågesta is located in Stockholm's southern suburbs and can be reached by taking a bus from the Farsta Bus Terminal."

Ice skating on natural ice: "There are several lovely lakes that are under our [the Stockholm Sports Department] care, that we prepare for skating (page in Swedish). For example Magelungen, Trekanten, and Dreviken in Southern Stockholm, Judarn and Råcksta Träsk in Northern Stockholm. Weather permitting, and when the ice is thick enough, you can skate or take a nice promenade on them."