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Jennie Linell, Hand the Ball.

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Jennie Linnéll: My 5 places for movement and exercise

Publish date: 9 April 2024

Ever since putting her handball shoes on the shelf, Linnéll has remained active within the handball community. As project manager for Hand the Ball, she works to get more children and young people moving and playing sports. We asked Jennie about her five favorite places for exercise and physical activity in Stockholm.

Ex-handball pro Jenny Linnéll comes from a veritable handball family, with her father, brother, and twin sister all having been elite-level players. Jennie's parent club is Tyresö HF, and she has also played in H65 Höör, Danish KIF Vejen, and HC Odense and finished her career in Skuru IK in 2020.

After her pro years, Jennie has, among other things, appeared as an expert TV commentator on Cmore/TV4, and has also done work as a CBT therapist, focusing on elite sports. Additionally, Jennie works at the Swedish Handball Association and is the project manager for the educational Hand the Ball concept. Through various projects and collaborations with local associations and schools, Hand the Ball aims to encourage children and young people to move about and be physically active.

These are Jennie Linnéll's five best places in Stockholm where everyone can get good exercise and move about:

Tenstadalen: "In Tenstadalen, in northern Stockholm, big investments have been made to get children and young people moving. The park is great, with many places for exercise and various sports".

Hellasgården: "If you are elderly and are looking for that nice, natural feeling, Hellasgården in southern Stockholm is an incredibly cozy outdoor area. Good cafe, too!”.

Hammarbybacken: "Hammarbybacken is perfect for those reaching for new heights. In addition to the alpine skiing, they have also invested in a lot of activities; There's climbing, mountain biking, and more.”

Årstaviken: "If you want to take it a little easier, I would recommend Årstaviken. You can walk, cycle or run around, or exercise at places along the road in magnificent surroundings".

Rålambshovsparken: "In Rålis (the local name for Rålambshovsparken) there is ample opportunity for movement for people of all ages – all the time. You yourself choose whether to participate or not, but regardless it's nice just to be there and feel the atmosphere. And, most importantly: Everyone is welcome.”