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Horseriding in Stockholm. A group a people are on a guided tour on horseback, in the forests of Stockholm.

Photo: Visit Stockholm

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Get on your high horse – Stockholm from the saddle

Publish date: 24 May 2021

Nothing beats true horsepower when sightseeing. Explore the equestrian side of the capital during your stay and experience the city in a unique way.

Stockholm offers a variety of horse rides, be it in lush green areas or through the concrete jungle; you can even ride past the royal castle. This is exactly what the impressive Tori horses, Vinset and Uzi are up to on a chilly but beautiful day.

The two buddies, and their riders Daniel Lill and Tekla Fritzon, start their tour from Skeppsholmen, just by Moderna Museet, trot across the small bridge, cause a small stir in front of Grand Hotel and continue all the way up to the castle.

These majestic horses, with their characteristic broad chests, are just as used to city traffic as to being photographed by onlookers, happily surprised to see them. They are two of the seven Tori horses at Stockholm by Horse, one of the local organizers of early-morning city tours on horseback.

"Our early morning tours start at six and we are in the city by seven, just when Stockholm is waking up", says Tekla Fritzon. Daniel Lill is quick to add that early in the day is ideal for equestrian excursions. "The streets are almost empty at that hour, although it does happen that we come across someone coming home from a late-night. They often look a bit taken aback to see seven riders crossing the road".

The Tori horses at Stockholm by Horse are a hardworking bunch and have several different jobs, from appearing at Christmas markets to adding romance to both summer and winter weddings. "They are used to traffic and crowds; several of our horses are a much-appreciated part of the parade through town at Stockholm Pride. We train a new inexperienced horse together with a seasoned pro, and it takes about two years for it to be fully trained", says Daniel Lill. 

Vinset and Uzi patiently pose for more pictures; just on the short trot from the castle courtyard down to the waterfront, at least four people reach for their phones and snap away. With a respectful 1.75 m (5 feet 9 inches) at the withers this breed of horses, known for their strength and capability, are hard to miss.

"We started with tours in Gamla Stan but have expanded with more and more activities on horseback. One can never have too many handbags or horses right?", Tekla Fritzon laughs and strokes Uzi's mane. Stockholm is a great destination for horse lovers looking for a truly uplifting experience that combines sightseeing with riding. The centrally located stables of Häståkeriet also offer equestrian pentathlon, day tours with picnics as well as morning tours.

For those willing to travel outside the city there are stables with Icelandic horses and tours in the surrounding forests. Little ones with a big love for ponies have several fun options and pony rides to discover, from the outdoor museum of Skansen to the city’s wonderful 4H farms. Whichever way you choose to saddle up in Stockholm, you are in for a galloping success. 

Pony up and get hot to trot during your stay at one of these riding schools and stables:

For countryside cool

Grim Islandshästar outside Norrtälje offers instructor-accompanied forest rides on Icelandic horses. Tours are available for both beginners and experienced riders. Fika (coffee and snacks) optional. Book your tour by filling out the website form.

Helenes turridning in Vallentuna, about 30 minutes north of Stockholm. These tours take place in beautiful, green surroundings outside of the city center. Fill out the form on the website to get in touch and book a spot, you can also e-mail

Lappdals Islandshästar arranges riding tours around Åkersberga through a diverse landscape, with calm horses for unaccustomed riders and more fiery horses for experienced equestrians. Booking link here.

Sofies islandshästar. Tours on Icelandic horses at Häringe Castle, 35 minutes south of Stockholm. E-mail the stable at for information about the next planned outings.

Stall Bobacken is a stable north of Stockholm, close to the Ljusterö archipelago island. In addition to riding camps, experienced riders can rent a horse on their own for 2 hours. Not sure if you are up to the task? Book a private lesson first! E-mail for more info.

For city slickers

Häståkeriet offers a great many different tours for beginners as well as for more experienced riders. They provide city tours in the early morning, horse-drawn carriages, and more. Book at or fill out the form on the website.

Stockholm by Horse provides early morning tours through Stockholm before the city wakes up, as well as tours on the riding paths of the centrally located Djurgården island and the forest Liljanskogen. Book through the website.

For young riders 

Akalla 4H-Farm. Visit the hotel for rabbits, pet the pigs and cuddle with the cats. This 4H Farm is filled with creatures big and small, and cute. The pony rides take place on Sundays from 13.00 but make sure to get here well in advance. It’s possible to book a half-hour tour for a fee. Contact the farm on or call +46-750 81 49. You can reach Akalla by taking the blue subway line from T-centralen. 

Haga Gård & Stall in Herräng, north of Stockholm is situated a mere stone's throw from the beach. They mainly offer riding camps for children, but also rides and courses for adults in a beautiful archipelago setting. They also operate a hostel with equipped with a sauna and pentathlon activities for groups. Book via the website or by email to

Rummeltorp is a family-owned farm 30 minutes from Liljeholmsbron, where horses share the idyllic premises with rabbits, dogs and chickens. Riders from two years and above are welcome. On your forest tour there are good chances of spotting local wildlife – sometimes, even moose are sighted! Book in advance by filling out the contact form on the website.

Stora Skuggans 4 H Farm, all children up to 10 years of age are welcome to ride ponies on this 4H farm not very far from the city center. The tours take place every Saturday from 11 until 12 but please come in advance to avoid the lines. Also – don’t miss out on seeing all the other animals!