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Gabrielle de Bourg.

Photo: Fredrik Sjögren

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Gabrielle de Bourg: My 5 nerdy tips in Stockholm

Publish date: 19 April 2024

Cozy cinemas, retro game bars, and well-stocked nerd-culture shops. Stockholm has lots to offer for anyone loving film, video games, or tabletop RPGs. We asked RPG author and games advocate Gabrielle de Bourg about her top picks in town.

Gabrielle de Bourg is, by her admission, a professional nerd. She has a background in the Swedish film industry but is currently focused on gaming. First, as a method -and game developer at Sverok (a nationwide non-profit that works as an umbrella organization for Sweden's gaming clubs). But also as a freelancing writer and RPG author that's written adventures and campaigns for Call of Cthulu Sweden and Vaesen, amongst others.

Gabrielle is co-organizing Tekniska Museet's (The National Museum of Science and Technology) tabletop gaming club, Slay Beyond Slay. Players – n00bs and battle-hardened veterans alike – get to meet up, have a drink, hang out, and participate in seminars and workshops. And, of course, play tabletop RPGs. There will be several games to choose from, with experienced DM/GMs present to help any newcomers get started. We asked Gabrielle which other places are must-sees for aficionados of games, film, fantasy, and horror.

Science Fiction Bokhandeln: The closet we get to a nerd-Mecca in Stockholm. You'll find a little bit of everything here; from genre literature and cool merch to tons of games. The excellent staff is really helpful and friendly, as well.

Tekniska Museet (The National Museum of Science and Technology): Stockholm's nerdiest museum with exhibitions about the past, present, and future. The Play Beyond Play exhibition, about the history of gaming, is an absolute highlight. On April 12th the museum hosts their first Slay Beyond Slay, a tabletop RPG club, which I'm happy to be a part of.

Bio Capitol: Perfect for movie nerds looking for a more exclusive cinema experience with drinks and a meal. Capitol has a diverse program of mainstream blockbusters, niche indie movies, and classics. They also host director face-to-face talks and themed screenings like musical sing-alongs.

N3rds Bar: The only bar in Stockholm where I can replenish energy with a blue "Mana Potion" after having had my ass handed to me in a round of Mario Party. N3rds is Stockholm's nerdiest bar and goes all-in on the concept through its menu, interior decoration, and the plethora of games you can play while having drinks.

Bar Brooklyn: Bar Brooklyn is located in the Hornstull area of Södermalm, just next door to rock club Debaser. The nerdy highlight here is the monthly movie quiz, hosted on the third Thursday from September to May. Check out the quiz's Instagram for more info on the next quiz, as the theme varies every time,