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Vinter i Stockholm. Dagtid. En familj åker pulka i Vitabergsparken. I bakgrunden syns Södermalms takåsar, täckta med snö.
Photo: Visit Stockholm

Why bright minds from across the world are choosing to live in Stockholm

If the world is your oyster, where do you choose to go and why? Today, many talented people decide by looking firstly for a city that fits their lifestyle – and then for the right job opportunities.

Your new home: How Stockholm startups help you settle in

Moving abroad is a big deal. As Stockholm startups recruit more international employees than ever before, what are they doing to make sure expats feel at home?

Why international students choose Stockholm

With three world-class universities clustered in the city centre, Stockholm has long been a magnet for young academics from near and far. We spoke to an international student at each university in Stockholm and discovered that while the reasons they chose Stockholm were diverse, their views on life in the city were quite similar – with one notable exception.

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