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Scenic view of Stockholm taken from Södra Teatern, with Slussen in the foreground. The picture also features City Hall and the Old Town.

Photo: Henrik Trygg

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How to find a home in Stockholm

Publish date: 26 June 2024

Stockholm is one of the hottest tech hubs in the world and the fastest-growing city in Europe. As a consequence, the housing market is quite competitive. Find out how to best tackle the challenge of finding a home.

Short-term housing

While you’re waiting for more permanent housing, you might want to consider Airbnb. Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list and book accommodation around the world. Perfect for when you want to rent a place for a limited time or while waiting for a more permanent solution.


A rental control system regulates apartments in Stockholm to keep the rent below what the market would dictate, and those apartments are distributed through queues or contacts.

First-hand rentals

A first-hand (förstahand) contract means that the apartment is in your name and you deal directly with the landlord. This usually requires several years in the housing queue.

Second-hand rentals

A second-hand (andrahand) contract is in essence a sublet, which may or may not have the consent of the landlord – and this is usually an agreement for a specified time period. Keep in mind that if you sublet an apartment without consent from the landlord, you run the risk of being evicted at short notice. Deposits are a common procedure, but shouldn’t be more than a month's rent. You should also get a receipt (even hand-written) for your deposit.

A regular studio apartment in Stockholm and the surrounding areas cost around 8,000-13,000 SEK/month. Make sure you visit the apartment before you pay anything. And if you rent a furnished apartment, make sure the furniture is of acceptable quality.

Co-living in Stockholm

An increasingly popular option for newcomers in Stockholm, co-living offers ready access to a community in generally very well-designed spaces with costs for cleaning and utilities covered by the monthly fee. This can be a great short-term option for international talent while awaiting a more permanent housing solution. As an added bonus, a lot of fellow residents will also be relatively new in town and eager to discover Stockholm with new friends.

A selection of co-living options:

Buying an apartment or house in Stockholm

If you're interested in buying your own place, Hemnet is the most popular site for finding an apartment or house to buy.

Useful links for finding a home

There are a number of ways to find available sublets. Bostad Direkt is a commercial agency that helps people find apartments around town. They are a useful online resource for finding a second-hand rental.

Another commercial agency in Stockholm is Samtrygg. They can help you find legal housing since they control and verify the ads. When renting through Samtrygg, they provide sublet insurance, the possibility to rent deposit-free, and personal customer service throughout the rental process. Legal counseling is also provided free of charge if needed.

Other websites include Qasa,,,, and to name a few. If you're looking for a shorter-term business apartment solution check out Ett Smart.

Language tips

Some of these sites will be in Swedish, so familiarise yourself with some basic Swedish housing vocabulary:

  • Lägenhet/hyresrätt = apartment/rental apartment
  • Hyra lägenhet = rent an apartment
  • Uthyres (i andra hand) = to let (sublet)
  • (Number) rum och kök = the number of rooms an apartment contains aside from the kitchen and WC. “2 rum och kök” is a 2-room apartment with a kitchen.

A practical guide to smooth your move to Stockholm