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Nytorget square on Södermalm in Stockholm, a popular summer hang-out with lots of restaurants and cafes in the surrounding area.

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My regular haunts around Nytorget

Publish date: 16 October 2023

Nytorget is like an extension of my cramped Södermalm-flat. Here are the places you'll most likely find me sipping on a cup of coffee, enjoying lunch or dinner, and relaxing with a glass of wine.

When I was planning to move back to Stockholm, after having lived in Vienna for 11 years, I had my sights set on Södermalm pretty early on. The area has a great mix of people and there's a very palpable relaxed atmosphere on its streets. Many people from creative industries like music, television, and tech live and work here, which you'll realize by just overhearing everyday conversations when buying a cup of coffee.

And pretty soon I started to focus my efforts, on finding an apartment, in the area around Nytorget. It's a place I've discovered in recent years, thanks in no small part to my brother who's lived in the neighborhood longer than me. Now, maybe it's my years living abroad, or my greek-heritage speaking. But with all the commotion around the square, it's got an almost south European vibe that I fell in love with. What do people do on a warm summer's night in Spain, Greece, or Italy? Well, you go down to the local town square, have dinner or something to drink, and socialize with your friends and neighbors. And Nytorget is almost constantly bustling with life and people. There's a great selection of cafées and restaurants which becomes even more apparent on a beautiful day.

The thing I like most about Nytorget is its air of familiarity. I quickly became a regular a several cafées and restaurants, and friendly with the people working there. Instead of just grabbing my fika or lunch, I chat with the staff about work, life, this, and that. I away the square has become an annex to my small apartment.

I grab a coffee at Il Caffé practically every day. More often than not to work as well, since I'm climbing the walls of my cramped flat. My standard order is a double espresso, the city's best in my book, though sometimes I have a vegan cinnamon bun as well. But if I have a real craving for something sweet Café Pascal is just a small walk further down Skånegatan. They always have a large selection of fresh, tasty pastries and buns.

Omayma seems like a very Instagram-friendly lunch spot. Though I've never snapped a picture myself, I often see other diners taking photos of the beautifully plated meals. Photogenic or not, the food is fantastic. The menu focuses on bowls and has many healthy, green, and gluten-free options. Black rice, chickpeas, quinoa, butternut squash, avocado, kale, chicken, and so on. Kaferang is another lunch favorite of mine, with its tasty soups, bowls, and sandwiches. The best thing about Kaferang is its location at the northern side of Nytorget though. Since there are no high-rises or skyscrapers in the surrounding area, guests sitting in the outdoor area are treated to sunshine warming them up all day long.

I'm a wine drinker, not a beer drinker, but I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur. I'm not fussy, and will happily taste anything new whether it's red, white, rosé, or amber-colored. And as a regular, I fully trust the sommeliers and bartenders at my favorite wine bars. Not only do I get recommendations based on my meals, but also on what I've tasted and enjoyed on my previous visits. Because around Nytorget, there are several wine bars worth revisiting. Bar Agrikultur serves excellent food and wine, to the point that they've earned a bib gourmand-nod in Guide Michelin. Truth be told, I haven't had the opportunity to become a regular here yet; the restaurant is quite small and fully booked weeks in advance. But PS Vin & Mat and Vina are also fantastic picks around Nytorget that I've had the pleasure to frequent more often. The difference here is that PS Vin & Mat is a great restaurant with a great selection of wines, while Vina is first and foremost a wine bar with a light menu of snacks and smaller dishes.

About the author

Alexander spent his childhood in Skarpnäck, in southern Stockholm. During his university years, he moved to Vienna, where he stayed for over a decade. Today he's moved back to Stockholm, to Nytorget on Södermalm to be precise, and works at Camanio; a company that helps to digitalize elder care. Since his return to Stockholm, he's been rediscovering the city. "I love Stockholm's open spaces, and urban nature. There's nothing like spending a balmy summer evening amongst friends at Skinnarviksberget".

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