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Restaurants in Stockholm. Minh Mat in Vasastan, a vietnameese restaurant. Exterior.

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Make a foodtrip in Stockholm

Publish date: 20 December 2021

If you're visiting Stockholm you should take the opportunity to travel much and far. Just pick a spot on the map and be on your way. Food is an excellent travel reason and here are some of my favorite haunts, well-worth a detour.

If you're looking for authentic Pakistani cuisine, there's no better spot than Chili Masala in Solna. Genuine and unapologetically spiced, their Halwa Puri and Lahori Cholle are amazing. We usually take a walk from our home at Odeplan to get here, and the food is quite fatty so we don't mind the walk back home either.

The best vegetarian food can be found at Mångkulturellt Centrum's restaurant Tavernan in Fittja. They serve a lovely vegetarian bouffé that mixes Scandinavian and global flavors. Be sure to have a taste of their Baba Ganoush, it's simply the best!

On the other hand, if you're up for a generous serving of meat, I'd recommend Amida on Folkungagatan on Södermalm. We've been here many times during Ramadan for their skewers, barbecue, and hearty portions. Even more great meat can be found down in the Hötorgshallen market hall. A small aside is that one of my earliest memories of Stockholm was my father taking us here, just as we had moved to Märsta. First, we had kebabs and Ayran-yogurt and then we went to Kulturhuset. Quite the first impression of a city: great kebabs and great culture.

Another thing I love is good Vietnamese food, and luckily there are a few options in Stockholm. I happen to live in the same neighborhood as two of the best; Minh Mat and Eatnam. Both are on Odegatan, at walking distance from each other actually, and a must if you're into banh-mi, Pho-noodles, and the taste of cilantro in genral.

About the author

Saadia Hussain is an artist, art teacher, and art activist. Her works focus on making art more inclusive, and in 2018 she received the Stockholm Honorary Culture Award for her projects. She has never lived comfortably close to anything. That's never been an obstacle though, but an asset that has widened her perspective. Lately, she's looked for more nature experiences in Stockholm. "My relation to the outdoors has never been comfortable or natural. But lately I've had a growing urge and need to get closer to nature".

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