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A pair of hands are preparing food to be served for dinner at restaurant Luzette. The lights are dim and the person is making the last finishing touches to the dish.

Photo: Anders Thessing

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Five places to enjoy a working lunch in Stockholm

Publish date: 22 December 2020

Anna Blyablina - co-founder of Sthlm Fintech Week, the largest fintech event in Sweden - shares her five favourite places to enjoy a business lunch in Stockholm.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Swedish government has restricted the sale of alcohol in bars and restaurants, until May 17. All restaurants and bars must close at 8.30 pm (20.30). This might lead to some restaurants and bars not opening at all.


As I work in the financial ecosystem, Luzette is the place to go for lunch if you have a business meeting with the traditional players. The food is fantastic and the location is perfect - it’s right in the middle of Stockholm Central train station in the heart of the city.

The name Luzette comes from the word ‘luz’ which means light, perhaps inspired by the fine flow of light in the room. It is very beautiful inside the restaurant and if you come earlier or your companion is a bit late, it’s not such a bad thing to sit alone and enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the place. It’s a classy establishment, perfect for an important business meeting, but don’t forget to book a table in advance.


I appreciate local produce and authentic food, and would describe myself as a bit of a foodie. Broms is a lovely place in Östermalm that serves food and also has a deli - if I’m in a hurry or don’t have time to cook myself, I’ll grab something to go like a seasonal treat, cheeses, or fresh bread. I have also had some very tasty lunches at Broms on business occasions, or a weekend brunch with friends (and a mimosa to lighten the mood!).


K25 is a contemporary food court on Kungsgatan right in the centre of Stockholm. It’s within walking distance of the offices of most of the financial services actors, such as Finansinspektionen, Visa, the companies at Epicenter, and many fintech scale-ups, as well as the co-working space WeWork.

As there are so many options, from burgers and dumplings to pizza and Asian street food, there’s bound to be something that appeals to both you and your companion. My favourite place is Wang by Wang, as I enjoy Chinese food. Of course, you don’t have to book in a meeting to have lunch at K25, it’s also a great place to meet a friend for a chat. It has long opening hours so you can also grab dinner before watching a movie across the street at the Rigoletto cinema.


This is an iconic cafe in Stockholm, perfect for fika, lunch, or any other kind of meetup. I discovered it before it opened the serving counter which is now the main entrance. I used to enter via the door to the apartment building where you arrive directly at the older counter. Although there’s a new entrance, it’s still just as charming. It’s pretty big and can feel a bit like a labyrinth at some points! I usually try to find the least busy corner where I can enjoy a fresh coffee or homemade soup with friends, colleagues or potential business partners.

Xiang Yue 乡月

A hidden gem, only for lovers of authentic Chinese food. After you discover it, you will come back - more than once! I have a long history with China; I worked there and thus have been to different areas of the country a few times. The food in Xiang Yue is delicious and I always find an occasion to go there with friends.

The best restaurants often don’t look like much from the outside which makes them feel like more of a find. During the second Sthlm Fintech Week, an annual fintech week which I co-founded, I took my team and volunteers here for lunch. It was a delicious discovery for them and they were pleasantly surprised by the size of the dishes, quality of the food and, of course, the taste! I know that several of them have since returned.

About the author

Anna is a well-known figure on the Stockholm fintech scene. She co-founded Sthlm Fintech Week, an annual, community-driven initiative focusing on knowledge sharing and building a stronger community for the Swedish fintech ecosystem. She is also helping a newly born fintech unicorn to strengthen its position in the Nordics. In her spare time, Anna likes to explore new places, countries and cities, as she enjoys gaining meaningful experiences. She is passionate about establishing partnerships, collaboration and believes that bringing together different parties can create more value in business as well as society.

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